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  1. Hey there, The question, I have a vellum grain sim that I want to export and use in cinema 4d. I have tried exporting it with an alembic but nothing shows up in my viewport. It's a pretty big sim around 6 mil particles. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Lay splines along geometry

    Thanks Atom! Brilliant node! Just realised I put up the wrong knit file. this is the one I am talking about. Not sure if it will work the same but I will try it out. Thanks KnittingStart01.hiplc
  3. Lay splines along geometry

    Hey people of Houdini, Sat on a train and my brain is going into overdrive trying to understand how.... I have a spline in a knitshape that I have copied to create a square. I want this to follow the shape of the surface of my geometry. How? I have basically built a knitting setup similar to Ben watts so I have that working with the square I now want it to be in the shape of my geo.... Any help would be amazing Thanks!
  4. Thread animation growth

    Hey people of Houdini. I have now pulled all the hair I have left out and I need your help... I have been creating a growth effect similar to the Flyknit effect of Simon holmedal and using tips from entagma to get my vertex to point in the direction of growth. It works great and I'm happy with the results BUT... Now I have a loop of knit animated and want the animation to execute as the growth reaches it. I have tried for each loops with no avail. Can anyone help. I have been tasked to create this knitting structure for a project and I'm lost in a knotty mess. Cheers Andy Knittingtest02.hipnc