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  1. Time offset Lukas Vojir

    Hey internet, SO watching this great presentation (bellow) and I noticed they had created a lot of their own tools. One in particular that I am trying to work out and build myself is the time offset tool (29:58). I have taken a screenshot. Can anyone work out how it's built? I am pretty new to building tools like this so any help would be really useful. Thanks Andy
  2. Flower Center??

    Thanks yader!, Great stuff. learnt alot here.
  3. Flower Center??

    Hey thanks for the link but not quite sure I understand what it is? I have the Phyllotaxis set up working but as you can see in the image below it doesn't really give the result I need. The points need to be dense in the middle but the scale needs to reflect that spatial distance. Thanks for your help
  4. Flower Center??

    So i understand how i use this but the issue I have is controlling the scale from the center out....
  5. Flower Center??

    thankyou these resources are great!
  6. Flower Center??

    Hey Houdini legends, I am trying to create the centre of this flower. I have created all the tint disc flowers but now need to clone them onto a radial hexagon grid sort of thing. I have made a sphere and managed to get a honeycomb grid with the divide sop but I need the polys to get larger towards the outside and the pscale to reflect the scale of the prim. Any Ideas?
  7. Constraints rigids and vellum

    Yes, but it would not be rigid? thanks Andy
  8. Hey, I have a brain scratcher that I need help with. I have animated a jacket with vellum using cloth constraints and then cached it out. Now I have the toggles and zipper to add I can use vellum as it doesn't do anything with hard bodies so how can I constraint them to the geo? Any help would be great! Thanks Andy
  9. Dynamic wool...

    Hey thanks for this! I will upload a hip file so you can see what I'm working with .
  10. Dynamic wool...

    Hi, So I have a complex problem that I can't get to the bottom of. I have created trails using volume curl fields. I want it to look like a ball of synthetic down/woollen filling. Now I want this to be dynamic so if it laded on the floor it would have volume but if I use vellum hair it just falls flat because it is just a bunch of curves. Any ideas ? Thanks Andy
  11. Scatter pscale changes every frame!

    Thank you so much anim! I'm learning a lot! I think i have worked out the problem tho. I basically am trying to delete points outside the FOV to make it run faster. The problem is that this seems to change the point number so it starts flashing all over the place. Any ideas of how I can trim point outside the FOV without changing the actual point data? Thanks Andy
  12. Scatter pscale changes every frame!

    okay thanks! So I need the particles to stick on the deforming geo but also for the values to stick to the particles i.e pscale. I used an attribute transfer from a held frame after the interpolate not sure it is working tho. thanks
  13. Hey, I have a very frustrating issue. I have an alembic that I have scattered points onto and managed to get them to stick in place. The problem is now the random values I have assigned to these points i.e pscale, change every frame. Does anyone have an idea how resolve this, please? Thanks Andy
  14. Divider animation

    Hey people, I saw this free plugin for c4D https://www.behance.net/gallery/89028573/DIVIDER-FREE-C4D-FRAGMENTATION-PLUGIN It's pretty cool and this guy did a great set of animations with it. My question is... Anything ne have an idea of how to implement a similar system in Houdini... I would love to play with it. Thanks. Andy
  15. RBD Spheres fall through box

    Amazing thankyou for this! I thought no I'm slowly starting to understand the s beast of a program!