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  1. Scatter points on edges?

    Thank you Twan!
  2. How to scatter points on an edges group?
  3. Thank you Tesan but I could not make it work... Here is a gif and my hiplc file... mixamo test 1.hiplc
  4. Hi, I need to feed Cd with a noise that will stick to the surface of an imported animated character (fbx or alembic). Thanks for helping!
  5. Is there a way to render a volume slice visualization maybe through cops or Cd point attribute?
  6. Looking for a way to apply a flat and fast shader to particles and also be able to control size, color and opacity over life as you could do with trapcode particular after effects plugin or x-particles. Thx!
  7. Make Curve In VEX

    Thank you, this reminds me to look for simpler solutions first
  8. Make Curve In VEX

    Konstantin would it be possible from your setup to include the first and last points as well and also smoothly close the curve?
  9. Setting Font from attribute

    Thanks a bunch! I wasn't far but still too green using Houdini and vex to have figured this out.
  10. Setting Font from attribute

    I want to randomly assign different fonts to text instances reading a custom point attribute that would be a string corresponding to the font's name (Arial, Times, etc), I tried toadstorm's technique explained here http://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=493 that works well with most instancing contexts but not for that purpose. Maybe it's not even possible (?)