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  1. The "cmiVFX-Houdini Particle Morphing Effects" covers virtually that though, it's not what you want? The end result of that tutorial you can fracture a thing (object or text) and morph to another thing.
  2. karlp

    H17 Fur query

    Hi, Beginner query around hair & fur. Whilst I jumped in a had a quick look at the fur tools, I've got a little confused with SideFX help example referring to the 'Fur' node, which doesn't appear to be part of the workflow (especially from the shelf tools). This link suggests even in H17 it creates a 'Fur' node, which it doesn't for me, instead clump etc are their own node. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/fur/hairstyle_rasta.html Can anyone confirm the 'Fur' node is not used in preference for the Hair Generate? Thanks.
  3. <edit> think I resolved this altering alembic output parameters. __________________________________________________________________________ hi... I'm fairly new to Houdini and came across this thread whilst trying to resolve UVs disappearing/corrupting going through to alembic opened in Maya. From above thread, I've tried a) packing again... didn't work b ) promoting UVs from vertex to point... this shows UVs but new edges between the moved shells... .. so doesn't work Nathan, I don't follow what you mean about merging the objects again.. are you available to look at my file please? UVs look fine in Houdini, I've unwrapped new inside groups after a boolean (subtract), but alembic into Maya won't work for this step.
  4. I'm creating a group from the box sliding over the fractured grid and assign the Color from Black to White in that group. How would I randomly delay setting the color in this example, so it's not a straight line of assignment. I tried creating a random offset when it gets assigned into the group, however unclear how to increase the offset counter per frame, so I can assign a formula in setting the Cd.
  5. Oh.. great, that is a superb explanation. Thank you so much.
  6. sorry I still don't quite follow... you are still using constraint removal and driving it off impact value. Maybe I'm trying to achieve things the wrong way. Can after the initial hit, the animated box be used to lower the 'strength' attribute on constraints, so when it hits the ground it breaks, rather than a pure constraint removal? If I try manipulating f@strength it doesn't behave Constraint_Strength_Test_v02_kp.hipnc
  7. thanks Vitor... I see you suggest removing the constraint altogether. I wanted to do in DOPs only so I could direct the sim further. I was aiming for after an initial hit I hold a large block together, then lower strength so it falls apart on the next/ground impact. How would I lower the strength rather than removing the constraint altogether, to let the sim break it on next impact?
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to understand how to manipulate the constraint strength so I can art direct a simulation. Figured setting the strength in a group in a SOP Solver on the Constraint Network was the way... but can't get a simple example working. Simple test attached... idea was strength reduced if the constraints are within the bounding box of the group... figure it might be that the constraints aren't moving in the SOP solver, although with my test it changes the values immediately even not in the group.. so getting lost. Any advice/help/direction, very much appreciate. Constraint_Strength_Test.hipnc
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