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  1. Grainy Geo Lights?

    Need more info. What geo are you using for the geo light? Where is it? Lights that use area to cast illumination, as opposed to a single point, are inherently noisy ; what are your render settings? It sure looks like they're low-quality.
  2. [ MANTRA ] Strange striped noise in render

    Raytracing Bias is another setting you can use to fit the rendering to your scene scale ( increase it, in this case ). My guess is that the pattern is from optimizations that most renderers use, it's only visible because the large flat area exposes it
  3. [ MANTRA ] Strange striped noise in render

    First thing I think is - why would there be so much noise in such a large, flat area, where there's no apparent objects to cast shadows or require other kinds of samples - ? I'd look into not creating the noise in the first place, see if there's anything that can be turned off. You'll save on the render time that created the noise as well as the time it would take to clean it up. Got the scene open now, and your geometry is self-shadowing, and I can't tell why - maybe the size of your scene. Creating my own circle & env light doesn't do that. Fix that, and then the noise isn't created. Turning on Backface Removal fixes it, or turn off self-shadow,, or turn off shadows in the light if you don't need it, etc. ( for future reference, 6 samples isn't very high ; 7-9 samples is medium quality )
  4. direction reflection noise

    .... I was not expecting that, lol
  5. direction reflection noise

    No problem - let us know if that took care of it for you, it might help others! #noise #noisy #reflection #GGX
  6. direction reflection noise

    Found it ;
  7. direction reflection noise

    Very common problem, we tested thouroughly on this forum maybe 2yrs ago, sorry I couldn't find it - The result was that it's impossible to get rid of the noise as long as the bdrf in the shading core is set to GGX. Switching that to phong takes care of it ( but ofc you may end up with one of phong's ancient artifacts, in extreme cases ). SideFX really needs to fix that.
  8. Just plug it in - AO is a process that's calculated, not a surface material / not driven by a texture - but you can add one if you like. It's like asking "how do I use the raytrace shadow texture"
  9. redshift ambient occlusion

    Of the two renders you posted, the second one with unclear corners - it's because you have reflection on in the material. The lower side of each cube is reflecting brighter geo around it, making them "unclear". It's not unrealistic - but if you want to darken it anyway, you should be able to plug the ao node into the diffuse and/or specular channel of the material. Or just composite the renders you have now
  10. I was going to try vdb, but I'm using the sky tool, and don't have enough ram to create the high-quality volume in the first place ; I will think about individual clouds, but I will need at least a dozen different ones in order to avoid being repetitive. I think I can make one cloud that changes with translation, using Mountain to displace the original geo, and offsetting its noise by the translation. Thanks DonRomano!
  11. Without the render power to render a sky for each frame, I'd like to render one cloudy dome image instead. I've managed to render a 16k dome, but only with the wimpiest of clouds. Any ideas on how to render just bits of cloud at a time? Some way to automate a single cloud around, that changes in each new position, then I can comp them together - maybe if there's a world-coordinates feature it'll be easy, I'll try that ; but if any side is clipped, it won't work... T.i.a.
  12. Every time I see black in transparency, the first thing I think is that ray settings are too low / not a bright enough environment to refract / exit color needs some value in it
  13. Rendering glass in mantra

    The noisiness is unfortunately a Mantra problem. Dive down into the shader and find the BRDF drop-down list, and change it from GGX to Phong.
  14. Sorry to ask this here but I can't find any info on this ; Trying to figure out if I can set a max distance for indirect diffuse bounce calculation, via nodes if there's no controls for it. I don't know the 3D math, and would love to learn it. Rendering a city at night, and neon lights are causing lots of noise on buildings too far to show their contribution anyway. It should greatly speed up Arnold's slow renders regardless of neon too. ( and switching to mesh lights has been a buggy nightmare anyway ) Thanks! Toby
  15. Reflection with alpha

    I'm sure you can build a shader to do that - I haven't figured it out myself - what I usually do for that is just apply a white constant shader to the subject and use the reflection as the alpha channel in comp