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  1. Rendering shows up Nothing

  2. Blur sunlight reflection

    Try increasing the "Sun angle" under Distant Light options But I think it's going to look strange with some things reflecting blurry and some things not - You could also use a different light or object to reflect / specular, instead of the sun light.
  3. Anamorphic projection problem

    Not sure how you'd do that ( I'd guess that baking a sequence would work, and projecting uvs from the camera might be useful ) but I can't for the life of me figure out why you'd want to do step 4. If you flatten the screen in any dimension other than the camera's perspective, it breaks the illusion / doesn't fit the projection anymore ; if you do flatten it in the camera's perspective, then it's the same thing as a perspective render.
  4. You've got mega-tons of textures, I'm not surprised. Have you ever tried opening all those 4, 8 and 16k maps in one app ( you can't judge by the file size either, unless they're completely uncompressed files )? Mantra converts them into .rat for rendering too ; if you do that ahead of time, it should help. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shade/convert.html .rat files are tiled but if you don't specify the specs to your needs, it won't be optimum
  5. * why can't I delete my posts?
  6. Rendering destroying my mental health

    I was going to test your scene ( my 'puter is weaker than yours and I've had no such stability problems ; mac from 2010 w/22gb ) but the links are gone - have you been watching the ram? A big part of working with dynamics is knowing how to optimize them, much moreso than in other disciplines.
  7. Volume lighting AOV issue

    It kinda does make sense - they're 2 different renderers! They're even different types, cpu & gpu. Unless redshift works in the renderview? And lights hitting the smoke and showing up in the volume lighting aov - is really what it's supposed to do, isn't it?
  8. I can't see object by Mantra Rendering

    Your switch node is switching the input to a null on frame 2, because of the expression "$FF>1".
  9. render motion blur in Arnold

    I forget what the fx guys do for that, but I do believe you have to make sure and use the same number of time samples / motion steps ( they all have different names for it ) in both Houdini and Maya. Actually that might be all you need -
  10. Volume lighting AOV issue

    Turn off diffuse in the shader - ? Turn off the light? How about using an emission aov to get the fire by itself
  11. Redshift fire rendering issue

    I assume what you've done here is make the dome's alpha completely solid / white. That would be kind of a band-aid fix for the fire's alpha getting premulted twice because of the .PNG format, and no good for compositing. Try saving renders as .exr, that also saves more color information
  12. Render colors messed up

    What are you using to view the "render" versions of the image? Its display settings are clearly different from those of the 'render preview'.
  13. Grainy Geo Lights?

    Need more info. What geo are you using for the geo light? Where is it? Lights that use area to cast illumination, as opposed to a single point, are inherently noisy ; what are your render settings? It sure looks like they're low-quality.
  14. [ MANTRA ] Strange striped noise in render

    Raytracing Bias is another setting you can use to fit the rendering to your scene scale ( increase it, in this case ). My guess is that the pattern is from optimizations that most renderers use, it's only visible because the large flat area exposes it
  15. [ MANTRA ] Strange striped noise in render

    First thing I think is - why would there be so much noise in such a large, flat area, where there's no apparent objects to cast shadows or require other kinds of samples - ? I'd look into not creating the noise in the first place, see if there's anything that can be turned off. You'll save on the render time that created the noise as well as the time it would take to clean it up. Got the scene open now, and your geometry is self-shadowing, and I can't tell why - maybe the size of your scene. Creating my own circle & env light doesn't do that. Fix that, and then the noise isn't created. Turning on Backface Removal fixes it, or turn off self-shadow,, or turn off shadows in the light if you don't need it, etc. ( for future reference, 6 samples isn't very high ; 7-9 samples is medium quality )