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  1. Stylesheets works good, but less render efficient. Or maybe i did something wrong in my tests
  2. Hello! What i do: I assign materials on object Save in file as bgeo.sc Read file as packed disk primitive And without overrides everything works great, but polygons with override attribute on render have no materials at all! I tried many ways, including renderstate, but i didn't find solution that works in my case. Ofcourse i may did somethong wrong, since i am not sure that i understand how renderstate works. Thank you! override_problem.hipnc
  3. I created my vex function, ofcourse i can <include> it in wrangle. But can i compile and use it as intrinsic vex function? I tried to do this, but after all, function is still undefined. I compiled with this command: vcc.exe -c cvex --generate-intrinsic-lib myfunc.vfl After that i copied in houdini\vex\intrinsics directory What i did wrong? Or it's not possible?