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  1. Greetings there!!! I'm having a strange issue with Houdini Crowd in 18. I'm using MOCAP data from Mixamo FBX and have multiple animations. Ive configured the crowd but unable to get Locomotion if the Skeleton is Exported as InPlace from Mixamo. But the Locomotion works if I export as Locomotion and then "Convert to In-Place Animation".... Dont know what's Wrong.... Any Solutions???? Regards
  2. Thanks Tom. Figured that too. Also to add...... I have Butterflies flying to a GUY and they Stick to the surface. The Velocity is used as the Facing Vector but on Landing on the Surface its Messed up. How can I fix that????
  3. A quick Question about SequenceBlend, TimeBlend and BlendShape SOP. I have an attribute that changes from 0 to 1 per point randomly in 100 points. How can I assign it to these SOPs??? Im trying Position blending of Points. THANKS..
  4. NEVERMIND SOLVED. Expression Language was Changed from HScript to Python. So changed it back to HScript. Wasted the Whole Day for this...
  5. Im having this Purple color channel in the Ramp referenced Parameter. I did this before but only encountered this now. It was working perfectly with my Previous HDA. Screenshot:
  6. Will check it STRAIGHT AWAY. Thanks many lot.
  7. Ahoy there!!! A quick question... I'm writing VEX noise functions but is a bit confused with Curl Noise functions. It's not like that I didnt get it. Of course I get it but is stuck in this weird functions in voplib.h. Here's what I'm stuck with.... Down below is the Code. why is xDiffNoise yDiffNoise and zDiffNoise there anyways. I couldnt find a function that's making use of it. Maybe I'm missing some. But please somebody explain it to me. Just to say... I'm writing a Curl Vex Function with all the Noise options. Thanks. noisevec = onoise(pos*freq - offset, turb, rough, atten) * amp; xDiffNoise = onoise(xDiff*freq - offset, turb, rough, atten) * amp; yDiffNoise = onoise(yDiff*freq - offset, turb, rough, atten) * amp; zDiffNoise = onoise(zDiff*freq - offset, turb, rough, atten) * amp;
  8. FOUND an OPTION to rotate the Fluid Tank. It works with *Fluid Solver *fluidconfigureobject *fluidobject Only.... Dont know how are you going to USE IT IN OCEAN. I dont even have time for that right now. But you can DO SOME RND bud. Add a "fluidobject" and add a Position Node and in the Initial Data tab "Position Data Path" plug in the path "../Position". Also Rename the position node to "Position". This way is NO LONGER USEFUL since the Flip Solver is introduced. Still dont know why I'm POSTING THIS. LOL
  9. I get it. Being effective and all is great but rotating the container is not really a good idea. Spectrums are projected from Y-Axis. Also the SDF Vol and Vel Vol are dependent on it. Rotate it but I still dont see the point of How being Effective??? About the Container Size, that have to be big enough to calculate the Splashes and the following Wake. You can try the Sink Vol Idea if you really wanna TRY it out. Cheerio.
  10. Saw the file. Needs some cleanup. So you have the boat animated. But all I see that the Boat is moving Straight only. So why rotate the container???
  11. Rotation is NOT a GOOD IDEA. If your ship turns and so does your container then the back splashes and the wakes will get deleted. In Pyro, its easy because its just smoke that covers the mid part of the Container and not the entire volume. In Guided Simm its totally different. You kinda wanna want the entire back area of the ocean that's been disturbed by the object.
  12. I got your point. Did some searching too. Rotation kinda happens in Pyro SIMMS as seen in clusters but I couldnt find the option in Flip Solver. May I recommend making a big container (Guided Ofcourse) and then add a container around like a box and use it as a Sink SDF. The box rotates with the Ship or the boat and removes the ones outside the box. The SDF ofcourse have to be recreated I guess. Its just a theory from me. I think I'm gonna sit on the FILE for you. I think. Already sitting.
  13. Ahoy there!! Not really sure what youre trying to ACHIEVE. But rotating a flip solver???? Haven't see that one. What EXACTLY youre trying to see there??? Could you just produce a ref FILE or some.
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