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  1. FOUND an OPTION to rotate the Fluid Tank. It works with *Fluid Solver *fluidconfigureobject *fluidobject Only.... Dont know how are you going to USE IT IN OCEAN. I dont even have time for that right now. But you can DO SOME RND bud. Add a "fluidobject" and add a Position Node and in the Initial Data tab "Position Data Path" plug in the path "../Position". Also Rename the position node to "Position". This way is NO LONGER USEFUL since the Flip Solver is introduced. Still dont know why I'm POSTING THIS. LOL
  2. I get it. Being effective and all is great but rotating the container is not really a good idea. Spectrums are projected from Y-Axis. Also the SDF Vol and Vel Vol are dependent on it. Rotate it but I still dont see the point of How being Effective??? About the Container Size, that have to be big enough to calculate the Splashes and the following Wake. You can try the Sink Vol Idea if you really wanna TRY it out. Cheerio.
  3. Saw the file. Needs some cleanup. So you have the boat animated. But all I see that the Boat is moving Straight only. So why rotate the container???
  4. Rotation is NOT a GOOD IDEA. If your ship turns and so does your container then the back splashes and the wakes will get deleted. In Pyro, its easy because its just smoke that covers the mid part of the Container and not the entire volume. In Guided Simm its totally different. You kinda wanna want the entire back area of the ocean that's been disturbed by the object.
  5. I got your point. Did some searching too. Rotation kinda happens in Pyro SIMMS as seen in clusters but I couldnt find the option in Flip Solver. May I recommend making a big container (Guided Ofcourse) and then add a container around like a box and use it as a Sink SDF. The box rotates with the Ship or the boat and removes the ones outside the box. The SDF ofcourse have to be recreated I guess. Its just a theory from me. I think I'm gonna sit on the FILE for you. I think. Already sitting.
  6. Ahoy there!! Not really sure what youre trying to ACHIEVE. But rotating a flip solver???? Haven't see that one. What EXACTLY youre trying to see there??? Could you just produce a ref FILE or some.
  7. If you wand the ocean extended. If the 1st image is what you've meant. ... 2nd Image is where to do it.... Hope this helps...
  8. HQueue Substep caching of geometry NOT WORKING

    It's for FLIP SIMM actually. And the GEO is pretty fast so is the SDF volume.
  9. HQueue Substep caching of geometry NOT WORKING

    Naah... Have lots of VDB and GEO caches so have to do it in HQueue only. Youre suggesting on HQueue right??? Also It's not DOPs so $SF doesnt fly.
  10. Howdy there!! Having an issue here. I'm caching geometry to be prepped for Custom Flip SIMMs. And I need sub-frames as Flip needs sub-frames for VDB volumes and caches of Geometry. I'm putting on LOCAL system and it works. But when I send them to server using HQueue it only replies the Frames and doesnot include any sub-frames. I've checked with all the available options but still nothing. Screenshots are here................... These two things I've tried in HQueue.... Any IDEAS... Thanks.
  11. Controlling pop fluid adhesion force with gradient

    Hello there!!! Ive checked your file and I dont think this will be possible with the Geometry too close to the ground. It'll happen only if the DistanceVolumeSample is more than the Threshold value that is rdist. I recommend using the color attribute intead than using the volumesample. You can create friction force towards the surface that can behave like Gravity but a bit less or it'll never fall. As soon as it gets closer to the Black areas then the effect will go off and it'll free fall. You can use the length of the color attribs to specify the strength. Kinda like.... Closer the Particles are to the surface more they are attracted and further away they fall. This is what I think. Hope it helps....
  12. I've uploaded a file regarding this. Blast can delete the Primitive Attributes and the groups but not Point Attributes. Even if you promote it to Point it does'nt. Even Detail Attributes can be removed. When I say can be removed I mean based of these categories and conditions. Hope this explains... blast_node.hip
  13. alembic array export

    Could you upload a Test file please....
  14. Create a Custom vel. Fill Points in it. Convert it to VDB vel. Import the SOP to DOPNET. Plug it into popattribfromvolume and VOILAAA... Here is a file for REF. And the RESULT. custom_VEL_FLIP.hip Hope it helps... custom_VEL_FLIP.hip