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  1. I've discovered this site. https://medium.com/@jakerice_7202/voronoi-for-the-people-60c0f11b0767
  2. I want to use scatter points to create voronoi regions on a mesh similar to the clump map shown in the screen shot. No fracturing. Has anyone done that?
  3. When I use the voronoi fracture on a grid which gets it cut up into little pieces, can I use a displacement shader to the pieces individually like the mosaic tiles in the movie Rio as shown in this paper? Procedural Mosaic Arrangement.pdf
  4. Generating Tile Geometry

    How will the Cellular Noise VOP do that?
  5. In the the following paper, there's an image of an elephant figurine decorated with mosaic tiles. The voronoi diagram of the points created the tile shapes. What do I do to copy this method in Houdini? Dart_Throwing_on_Surfaces.pdf
  6. Creating a geometric pattern

    I didn't see the scene file till now.
  7. How can I create a geometric pattern like the one shown in this video?
  8. How can I drive displacement scales using scatter particles as shown here. https://twitter.com/sandidolsak/status/747419942635569152
  9. How can I bring the open-source SeExpr into Houdini? https://www.disneyanimation.com/technology/seexpr.html
  10. What method can I use to have a voronoi region generate a tile separately from each region and match it's shape?
  11. Copying Parameters

    A similar topology.
  12. Copying Parameters

    I mean bringing parameters(uniform scale, divisions) as well as the center point to the pieces individually while maintaining their shapes.
  13. I'm wondering how I can copy parameters from the octagon to fractured pieces like the ones shown below the octagon?
  14. Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation

    I've also discovered this site. https://medium.com/@jakerice_7202/voronoi-for-the-people-60c0f11b0767