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  1. Is it possible to use point normals for displacement shading? I'd like my grid to displace in the same direction as the normals are in this video. Houdini Tutorial #7 (Point Normal) - YouTube
  2. texture-synthesis-houdini

    Can you do some videos of the plugin in action?
  3. texture-synthesis-houdini

    These papers talk about texture synthesis. Can you do with this plug-in what the papers describe? Example Based Texture Synthesis.pdf Versatile_Skin_Material.pdf
  4. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    Is there a way I can change a dual mesh into a Voronoi mesh? Here's a link to a dual mesh video. Houdini Quicktip 004 Quick Dual mesh - YouTube
  5. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    I already got my answer which is that I can't change a dual mesh to the Voronoi mesh I had in mind, so thank you.
  6. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    I'm just asking for help to develop ideas that I can share with others.
  7. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    If you could work out an equivalent for this paper in Houdini, that would be great! I've been trying to for a while now. RepTile.pdf
  8. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    Not what I had in mind.
  9. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    I need a workflow to create real scales like the ones in this video. They are done with a proprietary tool called RepTile. 08_RepTile_Scale_Test_01_InitialTest.mp4
  10. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    I don't have a lizard model but I do have a dragon model.
  11. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    If those could be applied to a lizard mesh, that would be great!
  12. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    I don't want it to be a fracture, I want it to be a single mesh just like what's in the video I posted. I want a Voronoi pattern to generate scales like the smaller ones in this photo.
  13. Dual mesh to Voronoi mesh

    This is what I want.
  14. I've been told how to create a primitive in a previous post. Creating a primitive - General Houdini Questions - od|forum (odforce.net) Now I want to know if I can set up custom parameters for my primitive? I want it to have similar parameters that the scales in the video below have. 08_RepTile_Scale_Test_01_InitialTest.mp4
  15. Creating a primitive

    Can I allow my primitive to have only certain parameters because I want to create a primitive for scales? 08_RepTile_Scale_Test_01_InitialTest.mp4
  16. How can I create a primitive in Houdini? This is a cylinder in Maya and I want to create a primitive just like that with parameters.
  17. Creating a primitive

    I actually need a quad-based primitive. Can that also be created with a tube or the Labs Disc Generator?
  18. Scatter points and cellular noise

    Dropbox says the item was deleted.
  19. Is it possible to control cellular noise on a mesh with points from the scatter node?
  20. Scatter points and cellular noise

    Yes. Dinosaur scales also.
  21. Scatter points and cellular noise

    Can I use curves to control the flow of the cellular noise cells?
  22. Building a fur shader

    Just out of curiosity, can I build a fur shader using VOPs? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shade/build.html
  23. I saw this video where you can turn geometry into displacement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwzo8LD4Tac I want to know how I can turn modeled geometry into a displacement shader. I'd like to turn the modeled geometry on the right into parameters for a displacement shader for the plane on the left shown in the picture.
  24. Geometry to displacement shader

    A little. Most of the jpg links are no longer there.