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  1. Subdivision levels

    You can add multiple subdivisions but you’ll get a warning if you try turning up the iterations too much in a single node. So add another subdivision node afterward.
  2. Subdivision levels

    Houdini Artists | Can you add multiple subdivision levels to a mesh as you can in ZBrush | Facebook
  3. Subdivision levels

    I got the answer on Facebook.
  4. Subdivision levels

    Can you create multiple subdivision levels on a mesh and add high-resolution details on the highest level as you can with subdivision levels in ZBrush?
  5. Growing geometry

    Thank you for the info and file.
  6. Growing geometry

    Does anyone else know how the growth of geometry like the scales in this link can be done? Scale Generator : Houdini (reddit.com) The guy who did them wasn't specific about the process. All he said was "about 150 lines of vex and a poly extrude".
  7. Vertices influenced by curves

    Yes. Just not so many divisions in the center. I downloaded the file and the grid is not the same as the screenshot.
  8. Is it possible to use a curve to influence the vertices on a mesh like this grid?
  9. Procedural Skin Pores

    You can ask Artur Vill. He developed the skin pores system.
  10. Curves distributing points

    Konstantin, can I jitter the points that are on the inside?
  11. Curves distributing points

    From the points, can I do a Voronoi fracture?
  12. Is it possible to distribute scatter points/spheres from curves? I want to try something like the curves in the photo. They're from this video. JBL “The Making-Of Chameleon” on Vimeo
  13. Individual face textures

    Can I apply that to a modeled mesh like the pig also? lux-richhill-191116-pig-fur0.jpg (1612×912) (artstation.com)
  14. I'm wondering if I can add a texture like this to individual faces of a grid?
  15. Deforming texture maps in Dops

    I got the answer somewhere else.