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  1. Curves distributing points

    Konstantin, can I jitter the points that are on the inside?
  2. Curves distributing points

    From the points, can I do a Voronoi fracture?
  3. Is it possible to distribute scatter points/spheres from curves? I want to try something like the curves in the photo. They're from this video. JBL “The Making-Of Chameleon” on Vimeo
  4. Individual face textures

    Can I apply that to a modeled mesh like the pig also? lux-richhill-191116-pig-fur0.jpg (1612×912) (artstation.com)
  5. I'm wondering if I can add a texture like this to individual faces of a grid?
  6. Deforming texture maps in Dops

    I got the answer somewhere else.
  7. Deforming texture maps in Dops

    Would the deformation of texture maps work DOP networks?
  8. Are there any known workflows for rigid texture mapping and texture deformation in Houdini? real-time-variable-rigidity-texture-mapping.pdf (napier.ac.uk) Content-aware texture deformation with dynamic control - YouTube
  9. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    It would be awesome if Houdini would allow models to get high amounts of resolutions for sculpting like in Zbrush.
  10. Zbrush-like details in Houdini

    Wow, thanks!
  11. Zbrush-like details in Houdini

    Thank you Konstantin, but there are other things I also want. 1. To use curves to influence the formation of the cells. 2. To add textures to the cells and in between the cells. 3. To edit the radius of the cells. 4. To use different alphas for the cells like these images.
  12. Zbrush-like details in Houdini

    Just to clarify I wanted to grow scales on a mesh doing what I described earlier on this level. jacob-baardse-wip3.jpg (1920×1440) (artstation.com) Then I want to export it as a displacement map. Still possible?
  13. Zbrush-like details in Houdini

    That's disappointing. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Zbrush-like details in Houdini

    I don't understand it.
  15. Zbrush-like details in Houdini

    Is it possible to create patterns on a very high decimated triangulated mesh in Houdini similar to these patterns created in Zbrush but with scatter points? file.jpg (600×500) (artstation.com)