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  1. setting attributes that stick

    Thanks guys, I looked at those links, very helpful. Thank you.
  2. setting attributes that stick

    Thanks, that's a good idea, what about a detail wrangle? Can I use a detail wrangle for something like this as well?
  3. setting attributes that stick

    Hey guys, prob a noob question but I haven't figured it out yet. I want one set of points to become active when they get within the proximity of another set of points. But I don't want the active points to become 'inactive' again once they go outside the active radius. In other words, once they are active they are active forevermore. I am using pcopen and that's the result I am getting right now. How would I achieve this? Thanks. Best, Christian
  4. rendering in backround

    Ouch. Okay, I guess that could explain it. Thanks. Cheers, Christian
  5. rendering in backround

    Hi guys, I just upgraded to houdini 18 and for some reason the render to backround button is not working. it keeps telling me that I need to save the file first, but I have saved the file every time and hit the button immediately afterwards but it still gives the same message. However, if I close and reopen the file for the first time it works if all I do is push the button as soon as the program opens. I am using Houdini 18.0.391 on windows 7. Anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks. Cheers, Christian
  6. animated plexus issue

    Thanks, that solved it for me. since I was re-sampling the prims I had to put the attrib transfer before the resample, otherwise the point ids were all scrambled. Anyways, thanks for the direction on that. Best, Christian
  7. animated plexus issue

    Hello, I have a setup similar to a plexus effect where I have a point cloud that has lines connected to the points by proximity. The issue here is that after a time the connected points need to animate to a different position and the lines they are connected to start to pop off and on due to the change in the proximity of the points. Is there a way I can lock this down after they are created so that the lines always stay anchored to the points without losing their connection? I only have a production file right now so I can submit a hip right away, but if anyone has any ideas that would help alot. Thanks. Best, Christian
  8. Vellum patches and UVs

    Thanks, I was using vray proxies and I found that I had to promote the UVs to points. that seemed to solve it for that specific case. Best, Christian
  9. Vellum patches and UVs

    Hi Guys, I am making a shot where I have a vellum source emitting thousands of cloth patches into a tube. The source geo has UVs and seems to be textured properly in Houdini, However I have to export this system to another DCC for rendering at my studio. When I did the export (abc) and apply a material to the export the material does not go on like it did in Houdini. I ensured that the UVs were exported when I did the export but it would seem that this does not work the same. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do I need to do something else to get the UVs to transfer properly? Any help on this would be awesome. Thanks. Best, Christian
  10. More Particles Following a PATH!

    Yeah, in summary, you have to calculate v by importing the tangent normal of the curve and pcopen allows you to import the normals from the curve so that you can use it for velocity and in turn apply that to your POPs. You can also just try using the pops curve force node, it works with multiple splines as well. I hope that's helpful, the files linked in this thread were helpful for me as well and hopefully could be of some use to you too. Cheers, Christian
  11. No $JOB in TOPS

    Hi Guys, I noticed that TOPS does not seem to recognize the $JOB variable. Is there a workaround for this? Do I have to create an attrib that can be read by TOPs specifically. I am a TOPs noob for sure so I just wanted to ask and see if anyone else has run into this. Thanks! Cheers, Christian
  12. Pushing Thru a bundle of wires

    Hi Guys, I have a ball of yarn I made with curves. I need a poly sphere to push through this ball of yarn from the inside moving out and have the ball of yarn return back to it original state (form). I tried the ray sop but the points snap back into place and do not move smoothly across the surface of the sphere. I have only been using Houdini for a year now so I am still a bit of a noob and I am not sure if there is a way to solve this with sops as opposed to wire solvers. I am not that familiar with wire solvers as of yet and I am not afraid to dive in but I am on a bit of a deadline so I am trying to get a jump start here on which direction I should go on this that will get me there the fastest. I have looked at alot of things on the net but I have not been able to find any solutions on how to achieve this effect. Does anyone out there have any ideas on how I should go about doing this? Thanks alot. Cheers, Christian
  13. liquid metal effect

    Thanks, that was a great idea, I seem to have gotten somewhere with this. I now have thousands of these on a geo via copy to points but I need to get it into max. I packed them using a pack node before copy to points and then exported to alembic. When I imported the abc into Max my RAM went through the roof and Max pretty much locked up; so clearly I did something wrong there. I tried reducing the poly count as best I could but I think I am missing the general workflow here. Have you done this before? Can you clue me in on how this usually is done if I need it to go to another 3d application like Maya or Max? Thanks! Cheers, Christian
  14. liquid metal effect

    hey guys, I am pretty new to Houdini and am trying to achieve a specific effect. Here is a link to a video reference of what I am trying to do: At about the 1:53 mark is a good reference of what I am trying to achieve in terms of the animation. It's kind of like a liquid metal growth that I need to turn into solid metal over time, like a mesh that turns solid. So, my question to the great Houdini minds out there is this, how would I go about achieving this with Houdini? I know the answer may not be a quick one but even if I was pointed in the right direction it would be a great help. Thanks! Cheers, Christian
  15. Help with the Cube Man

    Yes, exactly, The cubes would occupy the surface topology and I just want to be able to have a "mograph" type control over the cubes while they still sit on the surface as you see in the pic that I attached. Cheers, Christian