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  1. Hey guys, Im rendering a pyro sim around 1-3 mil voxels, im using an environment light and a volume light emitting from the pyroshader. Rendering using PBR with pixel samples 3x3, volume limit 1, noise level, 0.1, volume quality 0.1, volume shadow quality 0.5 and stochastic 8 im not even using motion blur, but one frame is almost taking 1.5 hours. Any ideas how to increase the performance, am i doing some nonos that i missed? the smoke is fairly transparent and the light from the fire is strong.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to transfer point color from static object to an animated one. the color does transfer however the red marks seem as if they're moving not with the animated poles. the two objects are identical. houdini 16.0 . 2019-04-01 09-20-18.mp4
  3. Houdini Vex Problem?

    Hello. I am write some collision detection in vex for particles. I got stuck with the code where im trying to collide object particles againt ground particles which i have separated via Cd. However for some reason the particles arent getting affected like i was hoping for. I dont know if its the maths or the looping anymore that is the problem. if anyone could look at it i would greatly appreciate it programming_test_testclass.hipnc