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  1. Switches and loops

    Thank you so much for the help. I tried both of these methods (merge + named primitives and using a wedge) and they both work. My specific situation called for a different solution, because I needed to force a heightfield erode recalculation and export the resulting maps in each iteration. To do this, I wrote a little Python in the session module: def renderTerrain(): for i in range(0, 13): hou.node("obj/Terrain/Controller").parm("shape_index").set(i) hou.node("obj/Terrain/heightfield_erode1").parm("resimulate").pressButton() hou.node("obj/Terrain/heightfield_output1").parm("execute").pressButton() Here, the Controller node's shape_index parameter is referenced in the switch. I could improve this further by replacing the hard-coded loop range with a count fetched from the switch. EDIT: @Noobini your solution works well too. Very simple!
  2. Switches and loops

    Hello, I have a situation where I need to apply the same operations to several discrete pieces of geometry which will later be exported as separate files. To save myself some network duplication, I thought I might be able to collect all of these pieces into a switch and iterate over them in a for-loop. I can't figure out how exactly to make this work. Is there a better way? (image illustrates what I'm going for) Thanks for the help!
  3. I've run into this exact problem (16.5). Anyone found a solution?
  4. Post-processing options for stills?

    Lightroom won't open EXR files. What file format would be best to use?
  5. Post-processing options for stills?

    I'm new to Houdini (and offline rendering in general), and come from a photography background. I'm interested in using Houdini to make large renderings for print. I'd like to know how best to post-process rendered stills out of Houdini. I'm used to bringing a DNG from a camera into Lightroom or Photoshop and doing my color grading there. I tried saving EXRs and using Photoshop, but the editing options are extremely limited. Other applications like After Effects or Resolve are geared more toward grading video. Any suggestions?