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  1. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    My two cents, I raised my desk, lean my chair back and lower it, so that my arms lay on the desk and there is no bend to my wrist. I can work many continuous hours this way.
  2. Direct Modeling HDA

    QLight is awesome!!! Thank you.
  3. Direct Modeling HDA

    Cool, can't wait. Are the viewport enhancements still in the DM future?
  4. Direct Modeling HDA

    Is QLight still in development?
  5. Direct modeling HDA

    I'm new to Houdini and I bought it, but his videos go way to fast for me to figure out what he's doing. My theory is that if your mom can't figure it out from the instructions, it's not explained well enough. I think it's an amazing set of tools, with each having a lot of options, it just needs way more than a small file to make it comprehensible. I understand there is a language barrier, so hopefully someone smarter than me can make an instructional set of follow along videos. I did get farther along on the computer fan tutorial with his tools than the standard booleans.
  6. Sweep and UV's Issue

    Have you tried an Ends node set to Close U - Unroll? I'm getting an arclen error in my uvtexture node. Is that how you are scaling your X value as it changes?
  7. Subdivision UV Sculpting?

    kjell is the expert in this dfuv type modelling. I'm new, so I can't suggest anything, but good luck.