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  1. Hi I was wondering if it would be possible to do lighting with mantra or soon karma based on actual physical values. So what units are lights ? Lumen, Lux or Candela ? Also i did not find a way to make the camera work physically correct, the only thing i found was the white point but this is not really a proper iso value for example. Does anyone know about these things ?
  2. Hi I am setting up a digital asset and would need to know how it can be done to get some user input. So to clarify for example when you create a polybridge node you get asked in the viewport to select a face and then another face. When you have points selected and create a blast node, the point numbers are added in the group field automatically. How can i setup stuff like this? In my case the user needs to select 2 points on the input mesh, so i would like to have the same way as the polybridge in the view port after you press enter, or if points are already selected when the node gets created the same behavior as the blast node. I did find the onCreate script in the type manager but when i checkout out all the nodes in houdini this is almost never used so i assume there is another way to setup something like this. cheers