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  1. Hi Edward, Didn't have time to check out your file, but the eval() worked great in combination with chsraw(). I have a clearer understanding now. Thanks! D
  2. Hi, I know you are trying to help, but the example is just the same as standard promoted parameter, it is just created through the type properties dialog box and then manually referenced, no? What I am trying to do is, is animate at the top level based on an inside node's value of $PT, without having to go into the asset, to manually change it (just for convenience). So it would be like promoting one of the curve's parameters and typing in $PT or some arbitrary expressions based upon $PT. You would think someone has run into this sometime before.
  3. I tried that, no good. Doesn't error the node, but doesn't pass it. Plus in my case it would require me to use the $PT variable, which is the problem to begin with. ;D
  4. Hi Folks, How do you reference $PT, from a node inside a digital asset, at the top level through the promoted parameters? Seems like it would be a natural thing to do but it doesn't pass through using the ch or chs function. Any ideas or corrections? :David
  5. yea that seem to work...thanks.!
  6. what do i do with the input on the shading layer. export parameter doesn't seem to turn it off like a regular paramater vop?
  7. How do you get a POP color ramp to render in mantra? I have popnet which has a color ramp in it. The colors are all nice in the viewer but when rendered it does seem to pick up the color. i know this is a lame question but..... Thanks, Davo
  8. did you ever get this resolved as i am having the same problem....?
  9. using carved curves from nurbs

    I'm still having problems : here is a picture of my two curves and their primitive numbers ....
  10. hi, i have a mirrored nurbs surface which is creating a fender shape "U" for the front wheel of a motorcycle. i want to make the fender have a thickness so i figured i could carve out the 6 curves at the bottom, duplicate and scale them down and then skin between them. the problem i am having is that curves are not ordered correctly and what ever operation i use to skin(bridge, fillet, skin) i don't get a proper surface, i'd like to do three things: 1) make a single nurbs curve out of the six i have 2)reorder the numbers if possible (sort doesn't work) 3)skin between the two curves, essentially bridging the two surfaces Thanks, Davo
  11. Yea that little vop works out very nice!... alittle easer then doing all the rendering... ... thanks all for all the help! Davo
  12. I'm pretty lame with cops i've found.... can you be a bit more explicit... if i use a composite cop, i'm not sure how to actually control the transparency other than setting it on something like average. i ended up piping a render with the opaque body and the background into a blend cop with a render of just the background in the other , so i am not really even using either of the alphas... this seems to the job but i'd like to know if this was what you had in mind or if you had a better way. Thanks, Davo
  13. Hmmm....seems easy enough! I'll give a try.... Thanks, Davo
  14. I think you are misunderstanding the problem.... If i did use cops it would still show the surface behind the surface. I've attached a picture with an example. if you notice the right breast of the subject you will see that the arm is showing through it.... i want to be able to remove that so that the entire thing renders like the stomach area....i cannot predict where a surface will show up behind another as the animation will be done later. Thanks, Davo
  15. That is a cool idea and it i will use it...but it doesn't remove front faces that are behind my transparent faces....for example i have eye geometry within a head, ears and mouth that shows up behind the transparent faces that i don't want to showup. More importantly there are front faces that will show up that are not inside my body object but are actually parts of the body itself, this of course depends on the camera view of the animation as to which frontfaces will be behind other front faces that I wish to keep. Thanks, Davo