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  1. Frightful Night

    Hy guys! This is my entry for the HOUDINIMATIC Challenge #5: Halloween Rules: Free subject on the theme of Halloween, 1-month deadline. The result had to be a sequence and everything had to be done under Houdini except the compositing and the modeling if it does not lend itself to the procedural (the tree in my case). Specs: Intel Core i7 2600K@3.4GHZ, 32GB RAM Dev: Layout: 1d / Spiderweb: 4d / Leaves: 6d / Candles: 4d / Dirt: 3d / Fog: 1d Rendered with Karma (BETA). Rendertime: 5d16h30m This was a great challenge experience and perforce, the occasion to learn new techniques during the project. Huge thanks to the community for the feedback and tips to improve the shot! Characters by Mixamo. Music: Countdown by Alexander Nakarada Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/4865-countdown License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
  2. Magic Spell

    It's a really cool guizmo that distort image based on luminance. In my case I used the 'shield particles' as input for distortion. You can find it here: http://www.nukepedia.com/gizmos/image/luminance_distort .
  3. Magic Spell

    Hi guys, I'm glad to share the breakdown of my last project with you! This was my submission for a challenge hosted by Houdinimatic Community. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Rain water drips

    Hi guys! Thanks a lot for your tips! Inspired by this thread and Josh Clos article (https://www.joshclos.com/procedural-rain-system) I tried to replicate the effect . I didn't understand why the drops have to stick around the center (due to wrangler in popnet) so I made a group w/ random points from POP Replicate and used wrangler and POP Interact to pull them appart and stop them after a certain age. Then used them to compute droplets sliding on surface. For puddle, instead of sin() on impact geo, I used a ripple solver, think the render is better for not so much more calculation. You can see the system in action w/ another model: Hope you enjoy!