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  1. Export Points to maya 2017

    Hello Haggi, Wes i've tried to build partio from the sources for Maya 2017 without success until now. You'r right I will ask redpawfx. Thanks
  2. Export Points to maya 2017

    Ok thanks Sepu. I will choose the heavy options. Exporting ass.
  3. Export Points to maya 2017

    Hello Sepu, I render with Arnold. The probleme is that if a export my particles as ASS, in maya if i load my ASS i can not instanciate different object on particles for example. Thanks
  4. Export Points to maya 2017

    Hi, I looking for a way to export points/particles from houdini to maya. Houdini 16.5, Maya 2017. I've tried exporting in alembic, importing in maya with exocortex, but nothing work. Houdini digital asset is not a solution for me (render farm, licenses ...). Any solution ? Thanks a lot