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  1. packed primitives material assignment

    I love when the solution is so simple. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Scene file for this tutorial?

    Anyone know if there is a scene file of this available somewhere? I'm trying to recreate but he skips over so many nodes its hard to guess what he did.
  3. Crowd - Agent Layer Group

    if its agent group use @agentgroup=name If its mesh inside the agent group use default.name Very important to write default. before mesh name
  4. So I cached my nparticles that were imported via houdini engine into maya. When I import them back into the scene via nCache > attach cache it makes a cacheblend input on the nparticles. Great, but when I open the scene on another computer on the network that does not have Houdini the cached particles do not load at all. I need to render this on a farm and be able to load the scene on any machine and see the particles.
  5. Multiple Materials on Crowd agents

    What is the agent prep node for in your pdf?

    I'm having the same problem, might be the geometry. Still trying to figure it out though.
  7. Is there a way to this in a DOP network?