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  1. In some cases though, for some random frames, both the clean SOP and @yourdaftpunk 's Vex Wrangle did not help. Here I had to additionally Subdivide the Geo at Rendertime with the Arnold Subdivision OBJ Level Parms. (Even though I actually would not have wanted to subdivide them) But then it rendered fine. Well yeah, Arnold seems to veery picky about this stuff
  2. For better future finding of this thread, this is the type of Error Message you mostly get from Arnold when this happens: * CRASHED in AiIsFinite at 00:00:11, pixel (1952, 664) * signal caught: error C0000005 -- access violation * * backtrace: * 0 0x00007ff9f47b61ce [ai ] * 1 0x00007ff9f47b546f [ai ] * 2 0x00007ffa32f2f67a [KERNELBASE] UnhandledExceptionFilter * 3 0x00007ffa35f44af2 [ntdll ] memset 03:16:25 9997MB WARNING | [kick] render aborted due to earlier errors * 4 0x00007ffa35f2c6d6 [ntdll ] _C_specific_handler * 5 0x00007ffa35f411ff [ntdll ] _chkstk * 6 0x00007ffa35f0a289 [ntdll ] RtlRaiseException * 7 0x00007ffa35f3fe6e [ntdll ] KiUserExceptionDispatcher >> 8 0x00007ff9f4da35cb [ai ] AiIsFinite * 9 0x00007ff9f4da2e48 [ai ] AiIsFinite * 10 0x00007ff9f4da18a2 [ai ] AiIsFinite * 11 0x00007ff9f4481bc4 [ai ] AiUniverseGetSceneBounds * 12 0x00007ff9f48071bc [ai ] AiTextureParamsSetDefaults * 13 0x00007ff9f4770277 [ai ] AiUniverseGetAOVIterator * 14 0x00007ff9f476f28d [ai ] AiUniverseGetAOVIterator * 15 0x00007ff9f4f83f5d [ai ] AiIsFinite * 16 0x00007ff9f4809af0 [ai ] AiLightsTrace * 17 0x00007ff9f48113a9 [ai ] AiTrace * 18 0x00007ff9f4f982c1 [ai ] AiIsFinite * 19 0x00007ff9f4766923 [ai ] AiUniverseGetAOVIterator * 20 0x00007ff9f4f6662a [ai ] AiIsFinite * 21 0x00007ff9f476f358 [ai ] AiUniverseGetAOVIterator * 22 0x00007ff9f4f83f5d [ai ] AiIsFinite * 23 0x00007ff9f4809af0 [ai ] AiLightsTrace * 24 0x00007ff9f48113a9 [ai ] AiTrace * 25 0x00007ff9f4f982c1 [ai ] AiIsFinite
  3. Very annoying indeed. The Clean SOP has this Built In if you want a quick fix. For scenes with complex (even changing) geometry and Rendering with HtoA it seems to be good practice to add the clean SOP with "Remove NANs" and "Manifold Topology Only". Internally uses a similar vexpression: isnan(@P.x) || isnan(@P.y) || isnan(@P.z)
  4. Well sure, Unreal would be awesome. Already tested this. But how do you get scenes with particles and volumes and whatsoever to unreal intuitevily. You always have to make complex alembic exports and what not. (With Engine thats also not that easy, you would have to have all objects in one HDA etc. ) For me it was way faster then to just render Latlong Previews. I'm pretty sure you'll find the same thing. And yeah, hoocking it up with CHops and stuff would probably be not such a big problem, but then you have to get the stereo working and stuff. So in the end you need a custom viewport output. Which is surely possible but quite hardcore. Lets hope that somedays these guys will implement houdini. https://vr-plugin.com/
  5. Yeah but you cannot do VR (Latlong) Flipbook. You can only do it with the OpenGL ROP with Cubemaps and then assembly them in Post etc. But it's completely unusable, takes ages, wrong stereo etc. Its like 10x faster then to just do a VR latlong Render (with Redshift, quite fast). Thats our current workflow actually still (unfortunately).
  6. Hey, glad it helped. Yes its prob. the cleaner way to do it via SDF than Peak SOP. And yeah, the Fill Interior Option is a strange thing anyways. I think its actually a very misleading term. Because in Fog Mode if its not enabled, it actually fills the interior like you would expect. If its enabled, it actually fills the volume with a soft gradient from 1 on the deepest inside and 0 on the outside, so really not what you would expect from the parm name. (still a handy option of course though) In SDF Mode it makes more sense, there it stores also all negative SDF Values opposed to only the narrow band.
  7. Hey, haha thats funny. It's actually from my former TD in the project. So yeah I know it (-; 
 Well it does help a little bit, but still its just grabbing the render view, so you always have to render and than can get a feeling for the scene in VR. What I was actually hoping for is really a viewport connection. But that would have been quite a thing to implement. It exists for Maya already though. But nothing for Houdini /-:
  8. imported geometry pivot

    Try Alembic then! if you import in Houdini you will have a Alembic Xform Node that should hold all the pivot information you need.
  9. Hey, here you go. Not a technically super clean solution but I guess it works. Also look inside the Noise Vops, I multiplied the density by the noise instead of directly piping the noise in the density output. This gives artefacts on the edges as well. Mix VDBs_fix.hipnc
  10. Yes, always when you have a time dependent parameter, never animate keyframes or add expressions inside the VOPnet iteself. Always promote the parm and do it on the outside.
  11. Handeling cache chain

    PDG is now your best friend here! (-;
  12. Render viewver interface

    I fear thats not possible /-: Maybe write an RFE if its really bothering you
  13. imported geometry pivot

    What format are you exporting? Because that depends a bit on how you could do it. But you could also just position the object in maya so the pivot sits at the origin. Or if the desired pivot you want to have is the object center you can press "Move Centroid to origin" on the xform sop in Houdini.
  14. Can't Bake CHOP in H16

    same here