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  1. GPattern plugin

    Thanx again
  2. ? Radeon Rx 580 8gb ?

    Oh ... ok so that command was rather psychological Thx for the advices ... Too sad that I didn´t buy the nvidia version ... I think that one had the 2gb gpu ...
  3. GPattern plugin

    Hi, just tried the gpattern/greeble plugin to install ... but houdini (16.5;378) is not showing up anything ... Tried copying the dso folder to the adviced directory ...user/library/prefereces/... there actually wasn´t even any dso folder -> not working Tried copying the dso folder to the application/houdini.framework/.../houdini/dso ... there a dso folder existed with several *.dylib´s inside; put the plugin .dylib´s there with still no result in showing up via Nodes other either Nodelevel .... What am I doing wrong here ... ???? Would be very happy if anyone can help me out here Thx Christoph
  4. ? Radeon Rx 580 8gb ?

    Thanx, that's great to here ... since I tried to set up Centos... did the preinstall and install of the driver package from radeon ... and somehow ... just by adding a simple sphere skrewed the whole texture image of the sphere ... now set up in win it seems to work quiet well .... also have a macbook pro 2012 with an intel iris there I got issues with the viewport now and then .. many times resulting in crashing the whole app ... After doing some research I found a post about setting the houdini.env variable to HOUDINI_OGL_SOFTWARE = 1 Trying houdini for a few days now with that setup and it causes lesser viewport issues I think ... Just in case this could help anyone out in a similar situation Thx, again ...
  5. ? Radeon Rx 580 8gb ?

    Hi .... any thoughts/experiences on the Radeon Rx 580 8GB in use with Houdini ? Since it's not in the official list .... it's not supported .... but maybe someone using it / used it ? couln't find anything in the forum via search and also duckduck isn't really informative concerning that topic ... Thx, Christoph
  6. QLib in H 16.5 ?

    Hi, just followed along the readme / and also some discribitions in here, but just can‘t get it to work ... mac highsierra, H 16.5, qlib dev .... changed houdini.env with text edit ... for terminal couldn‘t open file .... used first osx entry from readme ... with the actual lib dir .... would be glad if someone could give me a hint .... sry and thx Christoph
  7. Procedural Pyramid for destruction?

    Or can you give me any further good tutorial / reading advices for the VDB method I'm trying to use ... ? Besides sidefx, ...
  8. Procedural Pyramid for destruction?

    calc concerning the VDB method ....
  9. Procedural Pyramid for destruction?

    Sorry, I wasn'nt asking about the correct real world size of the block..... Just wanted to ask, if you could give me a "calc" example for any given size like your 1x1xsomeheight .... Or am I asking something wrong / misunderstood something .... thx
  10. Procedural Pyramid for destruction?

    Ok so it‘s then volume based .... But how can I calculate the block pyramid relation on my own .... Would be great if you could give me an example for just any stander block size setting ..... thanx alot
  11. Procedural Pyramid for destruction?

    Just checked your project files .... Really have to study it through ... Me idea was more like laying down a platonic solid..... Isooffsett and scatter points and then kind of sort it via vex for rows and columns ..... Thanx again for the quick project files .... I'll try to learn from it :))))
  12. Procedural Pyramid for destruction?

    awesome replies, thx alot will try it out immediately when I’m home ... big thx !!!
  13. Procedural Pyramid for destruction?

    Hi, sry for that nooby | newbie question .... I’m trying to set up a pyramid, which should be procedurally build with seperate stone blocks for destruction ... But I just don’t know which start concept to use or even how to start this up ... Would be so thankful for any advices on how to begin with this project ... Big Thx for any help