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  1. some issue about push points to the surface (solved)

    thank you very much!! the problem solved. I tried to fixed all what you mentioned about and it's working perfect after that!! thanks for your help.
  2. some issue about push points to the surface (solved)

    Hi thanks for your reply. I tried to understand how the volume gradient and volume sample node work, and read some example on the internet. thanks for your link info, there are also have some good way to keep points on the surface.
  3. hi everyone, I have some issue about to push points to the surface. I use volume gradient and volume sample to detect the distance to the surface. The result is worked but not perfectly on the surface. and also have a bit shaking. I try to change the voxel size of vdb. but the issue still exist. Is there anyone can help me to have a look the file please? thx push_points_issue.hipnc
  4. question about project

    hi I tried to use ray sop to project lines along to model surface, but it couldn't project perfectly in some reason. I tried to find out where i missed. but nothing comes out. hip file attached below. thanks ray_sop_question.hip
  5. particle split loop

    hello, I have been try to make some effect by particles. I was trying to use pop network to make something like particles split. but if I use POP replicate. it only split once. How can I make particles split loop? just like 1 to 2 and 2 to 4 after that. I can't find a way to make it happened. thx
  6. velocity field question

    hello Stephen Moroz thx for reply. i just found out why particles are stopping. the one of them just like what you did mentioned about. the particles are out of volume. and I tried change particle footprint to velocity trail. Particles start moving better after that. but im still trying to understand why it works.
  7. velocity field question

    hello guys, I tried to get velocity field in to POP and use advect by volume. but particles stop moving when they reaching some position. I can't find the reason of it and how to fix it. Does anyone can help that for me please? vortex_field_problem.hipnc
  8. hello guys. I am new Houdini user. I got a question about copy to point. I can't find out a way to get each sphere scale from 0-1 when every time it generated in this case. I need some help to know about the concept to make it happen please. thanks. here is the file link: copy to point file