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  1. PointVop Animated Texture

    Ok. Ignore this! Just solved it by promoting the texture path parameter. Sorry! Cheers
  2. PointVop Animated Texture

    Hello there! I'm having kind of a hard time to solve what seems to be preety straightforward. I'm using a grid, with a point vop to displace some points on it, but I can't seem to get the displace texture animated. I'm loading it to the texture sequence in texture; if I load a single frame, it works, but with the sequence nothing shows up. Heeeeelp! Thanks in advance.
  3. Primitive Islands

    Hey there! You can do that using a for each loop. Check this out: Some useful example files there! Hope it helps! Cheers!
  4. Problem with UV

    Hello again! Yup, found it while waiting on someone's response; After the merge of all the sims I needed to promote de uv attribute from points to vertex. Guess C4D can only read Vertex UVs. Thanks anyway! Cheers!
  5. Problem with UV

    Hello! Well, I kinda just ran into another problem. After unpacking the Sim after dopimport I can see the uvs via uvquickshade, but when I export the Alembic file with rop_alembic the Uvs appear missing in C4D. What's wrong? Thanks!
  6. Problem with UV

    Hey there! Worked perfect! Thanks. I really had the feeling that I was missing something realy simple. It's been a while since I touched Houdini and today I had to deal with the beast; I'm kinda discovering it again. Cheers! And thanks again.
  7. Problem with UV

    Hello! I'm having some issues with keeping the UVs on an object that i'm breaking in Houdini. I checked and the UVs are in the imported geometry. In the DopNetwork, after the rest node the UVs are still there, but then they're gone. How can I preserve them until dopimport and further Alembic Export?? Can't post any files but this is a simple setup with a Voronoi breaking geometry with a scatter over itself. Feel kind of dumb and might be overlooking something either very basic or very important. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  8. Mesh Trail Clothlike Effect

    Thanks man! And sorry, wasn't aware of that.
  9. Mesh Trail Clothlike Effect

    Hey fawkes! Any Ideas on hot to achieve something like this? Been thinking about using some emission group with a POP and some trails. My doubt is how to mesh the stuff and give it the subtle cloth dynamics. Maybe a Geometry or Point Vop with a noise. How about UVs here? Any Ideas? Cheers!
  10. Get Parameter value from created attribute.

    Goddamn! You're right! Completely overlooked that. Bet that will work... Thanks a lot!
  11. Get Parameter value from created attribute.

    Man, I've rebuilt the whole thing and it's still not working as it's supposed to. I even replaced the VDB from polygons and used the ISOoffset, not to measure the volume, but mainly because I want the scatter to work in the whole volume and not only in the surface. The detail attribute works fine and reads the values as it is supposed to, but in the popnet it's not working. I must be doing something really wrong.
  12. Get Parameter value from created attribute.

    Here's my setup; give it a check if you can. Thanks! Dissolve_Test_v004.hip
  13. Get Parameter value from created attribute.

    Hi there! The solution does not seem to work. When I introduce the expression if(detail("/obj/geo1/attribpromote1/","VolVol",0)<2,1,0); in the Const. Activation the emission doesn't even start. My Emmission Type in the Source is in Points, the one mode that allows me to use the expression in the Const. Activation. If I change it to All Points, it emmits from all of them, but does not stop when the Volume Value is reached. Any ideas?
  14. Get Parameter value from created attribute.

    Thanks! Looks like I was overthinking the whole process. ll give it a shot tomorrow and post some feedback. Still, is it possible to call a Var from a certain Wrangle into a Parameter in a similar way?
  15. Hello there! Kinda new around here; think this is my first post, but lurking in the shadows and reading a lot this forum has been a great resource in learning the tools of the trade with Houdini lately. Well, straight to the point; I'm wondering if it's possible to make a parameter fetch a value from a created attribute. Can't post my network right now, but imagine; I have a IsoOffset, which creates a volume from a Boolean to be read by a Measure node; After that I promote the created Primitive attribute to a Detail attribute and Scatter some points on it. After this, a PopNetwork is created and I want it to emmit from the created points; but I need it to stop when the Volume Detail attribute is over a certain value; I'm wondering if via Wrangle I can do this with an If function, but then again, how would I transfer the final variable value to the Birth Rate Parameter in the Pop Source? I thought of something like this in the Parameter Field `detail("obj/Geometry1/attribpromote1", "VolCut", 0)` but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas? Kind of noobish, so don't judge me hard on this! Cheers and thanks in advance!