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  1. ramp

    I wanted to see if this was fixed but ran across a slightly different problem. I created a simple ramp in COPs2, then in SHOPs referenced the ramp wtih the VEX Decal shader with, "op:/img/img1/ramp1". Then applied the shader to a grid. I created an ascii IFD (mantra driver), to see what the file looked like. Standard scene stuff, and the towards the bottom a bunch of encoding which I assume is the ramp COP. ... SNIP .... ray_copmap op:/img/img1/ramp1 ascii 200 200 8 0 1 0 M`/___P#___\`____`/___P#___\`____`/_^_P#__O\`__[_`/_^_P#__?\` ... SNIP a lot of lines.... M__W_`/_]_P#__/\`__S_`/_[_P#_^_\`__K_`/_Z_P#_^?\`__G_`/_X_P#_ M]_\`__?_`/_V_P#_]?\`__7_`/_T_P#_\_\`__+_`/_Q_P#_\/\`_^__`/_N Now when I tried to render this with Mantra, it got all confused and I got a ton of error messages like. "Unknown command: M_]_`/_/_P#_SO\`_\S_`/_*_P#_R?\`_\?_`/_&_P#_Q/\`_\+_`/_`_P#_" I tried to render a binary version and it didn't have any errors except "Unable to load texture op:/img/img1/ramp1" Is mantra suppose to read ascii IFDs with COPs? Any ideas? I was using Houdini 5.5.230.... Jason Caleb
  2. POPs collisions interacting with SOPs

    Interesting....very interesting.... When I first read you message I was thinking you missed my point concerning the switch OP. I had put that in there to show off two seperate problems I was having, nothing more. But I tried what you said and sure enough it works. The only problem that I see is that it only works up until the first collision. After the first collision the box stops like it is suppose to, however the collision box (which is still controlled by the collect POP) keeps on moving. So any other particles flying around in space would collide with the phantom box. Am I beating a dead horse? Jason.
  3. POPs collisions interacting with SOPs

    I'll try RBDs next...I'm stubborn so I want to try everything... I attached an example file. It shows off the two basic problems I'm having. Just jump into POPs and advance a few frames. What is suppose to happen is the shooter particle collides with the box which causes the target particle to stop. Seems simple...but it keeps kicking me in the head. In SOPs there is a switch SOP to show off the two different problems. I added comments to most of the OPs so it should be easy to see whats going on. I'll try RBDs after I get done watching CSI Jason. jc_Test.hipnc
  4. POPs collisions interacting with SOPs

    Thanks for tid-bits... Alright! I'm quoted in a sig... Why is it so easy to over complicate something? Here is another question. Say you have a 10 particles controlling the movement of boxes. Box SOP connected to a copy SOP with a POP SOP as the template. Now, have another particle system shooting particles at these moving Boxes. When one of these particles collides with a box have the particle controlling the box's movement to stop. I tried a couple of things but they all ended in Collision Error or Infinite Recurrsion Messages. Any takers? Jason.
  5. POPs collisions interacting with SOPs

    Sorry for not being specific. I was trying to be general. I guess it all comes down to is "how can I change SOP parameters when an event happens in POPs". Super snazy example.... Two objects connected to a switch, when a particle hits generate an event that switches between the two objects. Simple setup.... In SOPs, a box and a sphere both connected to a switch. (All default params). In POPs, location source... Coords, (2,0,0) Impulse Act. $F==1 Impulse Birth 1 Const. Act. 0 Velocity (-2,0,0) Variance (0,0,0) Connected to Collision POP Set the collision object to the Box Sop. Nice and simple setup. Now when the particle collides with the box, I want the switch parameter to change from the box to the sphere. ...Now to be greedy I would like the sphere to have some additional attributes....like, what frame collision occured at. I tried a bunch of different things but have not found a nice solution. My two approaches so far have been the following. Add a POP sop, then use the following expression for the switch channel. if(iscollided("../pop1",0), 1, 0).. if a collision then set the switch to 1 otherwise to 0. Now this works..but only for the frame that the collision occurs... Second approach was to write a custom expression which on the collision event [popevent("smackdown")], and if true use opparm and chcommit to set a keyframe on the switch SOP. While this worked if I started changing the particle's speed and stuff I would end up with lots of keyframes and it would get messy quick. Plus it would be nice if all this is was done procedurally. Any ideas? Jason.
  6. POPs collisions interacting with SOPs

    I've hit a wall while dealing with particle collisions. (Pun slightly intended) When working with POP collisions is there a way for the colliding particle to pass attributes to the SOP primitive that the particle collided with? If I have the collisions "stick", the particle has a little bit info like the SOP and primitive number, but I would like to kill off the particles after passing the attributes to the primitive. Any ideas? On a side note. There is a vertex, point, prim, function expression for fetching attributes of SOPs but no function for fetching detail attributes. (Did I miss it? Or am I misunderstanding what detail attributes are?) Thanks, Jason
  7. Facevarying

    Does houdini support the facevarying class specifier? If I remember correctly facevarying will allow me to have seperate textures on different primitives (faces) on the same SubD, and they will be interpolated. For example Grid- 4x4 polygon UVProject- planar Primitive1- Add Texture=grid.tex, Source Group= 1, Primitive2- Add Texture=flowers.tex, Source Group= 2, Attribute1- Renderman: texturemap -> texturename, uniform string Shop1 - basic painted plastic When i render this as a polygon object it renders as expected, one face has a grid texture, the other face has the flowers texture. But when its rendered as a SubD, it only uses one texture map for the surface. With facevarying things get interpolated on a per face per vertex basis, which will fix this problem...I think. Any ideas? Jason C.
  8. SubDs to a file

    What is the best method for saving out SubD geometry to a RIB file? I want to be able to save out the geometry so I can use it as a DRA ("bounded file"). I can't use opsave since that only works on SOPs, and Houdini only converts Polys to SubDs at the Object level. Same goes for right-clicking and "Save Geometry" in SOPs. Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks, Jason