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  1. Hi There, I am having the most basic issue with ROP Geometry for TOPS where I can't export any file regardless of what I write for the file path. It either gives red dots in for the work item or just runs forever without exporting anything. I have been looking around to see what the problem is as I suppose it has to do with my comp / setup since I am following PDG tutorials step by step and it seems to work for other people? I am just attaching a simple file but essentially it does not work regardless of what the geometry is. If anyone could point out a rule of thumb that I am missing that causes this issue that would be much appreciated. Thank you PDGExample.hiplc
  2. Concave Geometries With RBD

    Hey Alain, Thanks again for your reply. I wasnt aware of the material feature. Though, I was aware of the friction parameters you mentioned but for some reason they seem to not create any difference despite what the parameters - I am talking about friction across different components not the ground one - Is it about the polygon count of the geometry or basicaly just solver substeps? Thanks!
  3. Concave Geometries With RBD

    Hi Alain, Thank you very very much this is a crazy good explanation, really appreciate you took the time to explain in detail, I learnt beyond the question I asked. If not too much to ask, could I ask how I could incorporate friction between these 3D plus signs as a parameter to play with so that based on different friction values I can test different architectural structures based on their assembly? So the more the friction, the bigger the spans..? Thanks again!!!!!
  4. Concave Geometries With RBD

    Hi There, I have a collection of objects that I drop from above so when they collide they are supposed to entangle with each other to some extent. The shape of these objects are 3D plus signs but for some reason, they only touch each other as if what is simulated is not themselves but their bounding boxes. How can I fix the file so that it simulates these geometries specifically but not some arbitrary boundaries around them? I attach the file here Thank you in advance 201104_RBD_Examples2.hiplc
  5. Hello, I am trying to transfer the color attributes from a point set to another based on their ptnum attribute. So as a simple example if we consider both sets - as two separate nodes - have 10 points each; - let's say the first ten points are all white except 3 points (ptnum=2, ptnum=3, ptnum=4). These three points are black. The second set of ten points are all white. - How can I transfer the Cd attribute from the first set to the second so that the three points in the second set with the above mentioned - 2,3,4 - ptnums turn into black? Thank you,
  6. Hello There, I have attached a simplified version of the file I am working on where I have a put a CONVERTLINE node after the main geo and animate this as if the whole geo is a result of a single, continuous curve. Unfortunately as seen in the simple cube version as well the join node - while to some degree is useful - creates diagonals that don't exist in the original geometry - box -. What do I need to do so that while it converts the geo into a single continuous curve primitive - which when you carve there is only one start and one end in the overall composition - but doesn't have these extra diagonals? I highlighted the carve node in red in the file. Thank you! SingleExtrusion_Test.hipnc
  7. Differential curve growth

    Hi There, I have been trying to do differential curve growth in a controlled manner where with one or more attractors I would like to constrain where the growth happens and how much it does. I am working at the architectural scale so each iteration is moved in the vertical axis to create an overall 3D form via vdbs. I have watched the Entagma tutorials and have been trying to adapt their attractor based logic in mesh growth to curve growth but I am quite new in Houdini and was not sucessful to do so... I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how to do that. I have attached the file. Thank you! L 180120_AD_DG[2DE]_00B.hipnc