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  1. Thank alot Sepu, Based on a few options I've come across another option by using an attributeVop and calculating the xyz dist. The point data seems to animate a bit smoother this way. FixedScatter.zip
  2. Hi 3dome, Thanks for your help. I went and tried this out but I'm only getting one point that seems to move with this result. I've attached a zip with the Alembic I use and the hip file with your solution. Fixedscatter_01.zip
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to stick points on an animated alembic without the points moving all over the place. At the moment I've got my alembic attached to a vdbfrompolygons to scatter. How can I make sure that these points will follow the alembic geometry? (the polycount doesn't change while animating) Thank you for your time and help. (I've attached an alembic file) AlembicTestFile.abc
  4. Extend Flip coverage without Sim Area?

    Thank you for this, will have a look.
  5. Making a Cloth tear effect

    Thanks alot Jesper, I'm new to vex but will give this a go.
  6. Heya! I was wondering how I could achieve a tearing effect in Houdini. Much like this video at time 0:33 I'm working on a side project and would like to have an alembic moving character disappear in this style. I'm not talking about the inner particles but about the outer cloth-like effect. Thank you for your time and help.
  7. Extend Flip coverage without Sim Area?

    I'm still trying to find a solution for this.
  8. I have a collision object that I want to push through a particle sim area. I want to remain the small sim area (box) so the particles stay inside the tight area but once it gets hit by the collision object the particles that were affected by the object fly off. How can I achieve this? Thank you, this is the file I am talking about. Particle Collision Tester v03.hip
  9. Hi there! I would like to render my water sim and whitewater in c4d to integrate it with an animated scene. I got two questions. 1. I was wondering what a good workflow is to render the simulation out over to c4d, are alembics still the best way to do this or is houdini engine faster or are there other ways? my 7 million points seem to be very very heavy for c4d in alembic... 2. How do I render out the whitewater correctly in c4d (octane render) does this need to be GEO or particles for rendering? and also how do I get that nice lifespan on it too. Thank you for taking the time to help me out! Cheers!
  10. Thank you for this great share, very well explained. I'll have a go with the new information given
  11. Thanks Noobini, Will look into your tip on just using voronoi fracture, didn't knew you could target where the fractures should be. I think it will look different because it fractures the model in its entire 3d space not only the surface, I assume there might be a setting to only affecting the outer mesh and not seeing it as a full solid object?
  12. Heya! I started Houdini few weeks ago and was following this Entagma tutorial. http://www.entagma.com/quick-tip-organic-voronoi-patterns/ Was trying to apply the same effect but on a 3d mesh. I got pretty far but I have a few issues. I'm stuck at applying the spraypaint to the mesh, to get some nice breakup effects in the mesh like in the tutorial. Another minor issue is I'm having weird geometry issues starting from my resample 2 node and I have no clue why. Please have a look at the file. Thank you! HoudiniVoronoi_01.rar