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  1. Houdini crowds to maya ass files errors

    Hi, Angel. One question: which version of MtoA was giving you this error? I know it was a long time ago, but we are using a very old arnold version in a very stretched project and I'm having the same issue. Do you remember which version of MtoA was? And which version of HtoA wore you using at the moment? Thanks in advance, man Sebastian
  2. Control per particle Gravity Force

    Thanks Ikoon! I don't really know how to use it in rbd, even less when dealing with particles and not packed primitive. I will dig in and see what I can get.
  3. Control per particle Gravity Force

    Hi everyone! First post here! I hope you can help me. I'm doing some bubbles emission simulation, and I'm just starting this setup. I want to know if there is a way to control the gravity force (or any force that could work) by the pscale or Cd attribute from the input points in the source. I want the smaller bubbles to stay low or even go slowly down and the big ones to go up. I'll post the hip file too. Sorry for the english, I'm kind of rusty... bubbles.hipnc
  4. LearnSquared Houdini Particles

    Hello Adam! I'm Sebastián Urcelay and I'm currently studying your Houdini Particles course. I wanted to know if I can approach you with some questions, because I'm trying to post a question in the Leasn Squared page, but amazingly I can't figure out how. Thanks for the answer!