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  1. Houdini to After Effects colour change

    try putting an exposure effect on and setting the gamma correction to .45
  2. If you use chrome, this works great
  3. Animated Texture Redshift

    try using $F in the file name for example a sequence starting with texture.1.jpg would be texture.$F.jpg

    Here's one way to do it with vellum grains. torus_ball.hip
  5. I'd also like to know why groups are not recognized in Vellum constraints node... seems like a very annoying bug. Looks like it only recognizes the stretch and bend output groups.. UPDATE: It only accepts the constraint group groups, and the groups don't transfer by default. There is an easy work around though. Just make sure it's a prim group, and then plug a group transfer node in between the solver and the last vellum node.
  6. how to create Ink in water

    Nope. use a pyro fx sim ( shelf tool has many good ones), then create a new geo and advect the particles with with the pryo sim. If you are serious, I suggest you watch this one https://cmivfx.com/houdini-ink-fx