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  1. Hi friends, i'm trying to wrap a piece of cloth around a gun geometry using vellum, i've tried to use the weapon part as Collider and a cylinder in the other side of the piece of cloth and animate the cylinder around the weapon, but in a moment the cloth detach from cylinder, have an easy way to do that with precision and quality? Thanks! Felipe Marceu
  2. Preventing flip fluid to stretch on curves

    UHm!! i will try this!! thank you!
  3. Good morning everyone! Somebody knows how to prevent the flipfluid to stretch over the pop curve force? As the liquid goes through the pop curve force the fluid stream stretches along and become 2 or 3 more stretched, have a way to maintain or control this stretch and create a uniform stream? Thanks! Felipe
  4. Good morning everyone! I'm trying to create a foam on an animated geometry, that animated geometry is a face, and I used vdb to create the foam, i wanna know if have a way to use the Solver (SOP) to use a vdb erode of a shaver for example with a volume vdb on it, to cut the foam when it passes through the vdb of the foam, i've tried to use vdb on solver, even boolean, in static geometry it works very well, but in animated ones don't.. Somebody can help? Thanks! Hugs! Felipe Marceu