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  1. hi, I also encountered this problem recently. You can use udim map method, which can achieve the effect you want .I think this is the most convenient way 1.First, assign the serial number 1001 to each uv of the model, 1002, 1003, 1004, here I use the class of the "connectivity" node,Change the connectivity Type to "Primitive", create a class attribute on the surface, because the udim attribute is created on the surface. Then create udim attributes on the surface attributes 2. Then use uvlayout to arrange the uv according to the udim attribute 3. The best material here is to use the image sequence, starting from the 1001 serial number. For example: pages.1001.tif, pages.1002.tif, pages1003.tif And so on. Use the texture node to read the texture. The default $F4 in the path is changed to %(UDIM)d Then it can be read in. Finally, connect the texture to the base color of the material, and that's it. English is not my native language, I am sorry if it causes misunderstanding