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  1. ACES for Attribute from map

    You should only convert color textures: textures which directly define color on your surfaces, such as albedo maps or environment maps. You should not convert data maps such as roughness or bump maps etc.
  2. Instancing Lights

    Maybe late to this topic, but as they already noted (I can confirm from my direct experience), Renderman 23 has no issue rendering thousands of lights, That's the way to go if you really need that big number of real lights.
  3. Create Realistic Clouds in Houdini - VFX BREAKDOWN

    Looking forward to the tutorial, a very interesting solution!
  4. Fedora vs. Centos

    I (and others I know) have Resolve working fine on Mint (Ubuntu based). I use Houdini on a daily basis too. To install Resolve on Ubuntu you have to - first: adapt the rpm to .deb by using the alien utility. It's an automatic process, don´t be afraid of it. - second: launch the installer process which will finish without issues. But launching the app won´t work or will get stuck when loading. I remember you have to create a dynamic link for Resolve to find the libraries in the expected location, which differs between Debian and RedHat based distributions. I was foolish enough not to write down the steps I followed, but it was not specially hard and all is documented in the Davinci forums. I mean, I'm not in any way a Linux specialist and managed to get it running in a very short time, totally doable. Good luck if you try!
  5. Ground, ground, ground, ... and ground again

    - procedural shaders: yeah, that's what he meant. In my short experience in these topics, I have approached the issue with the second option: - blending textures/materials: I currently having some successful results blending different materials along the terrain using diverse types of noises as masks, this way removes part of the repetition. The more different materials you add to the mix, the better the results. Also, scatter random objects along the terrain (even if they are little rocks) helps a lot on the realism of the results. - regarding texture bombing, I have not tried yet but in the future will do without a doubt. Hope it helps as a starting point! EDIT: forgot to mention, using the different masks you can get from a Houdini terrain (using the slope, the erosion features, etc.) as the base for the different blends of materials is a good idea. But I'm sure more experienced Houdini users over here will discover more interesting techniques!
  6. Just to confirm: there is no shader level solution yet for disabling displacement (and use bump mapping instead) according to a geometry attribute along a big object or for instance with a Heightfield mask, true?
  7. Unexpected result with Portal Lights

    I'm on 17.5.391. I forgot to mention that... when there's no environment map, the portal light seems to work as expected, as you've seen. I think it could be a bug... Have you tried using another HDRI as a map for the light?
  8. AFAIK, you can also use directly the Classic Shader, which has some functionality the Principled shader has not included, including, if I remember correctly, changing the reflection model
  9. I have to say now I'm completely confused about the workings of portal lights. I've been testing some interiors renderings with Mantra, and constantly getting strange results. It seems the portal lights were the problem. I have setup and uploaded a simple scene to show how I'm configuring them and to try to understand why I'm getting the opposite results to what's expected: more noise /worse sampling with the portal lights on for exactly the same rendering settings. Worse quality picture is with Portals on. I attach the scene file, hope you can help me, I'm sure this is a very trivial issue but I'm not seeing what's wrong and this issues is causing me extremely long render times in my working scene. Thanks in advance! portalTest.hiplc
  10. Refraction has been traditionally one critized aspect of Mantra. Could I take a look at the shader?
  11. As a newcomer to Houdini, I can only send big thanks to Jeff about all the helpful stuff he has put out over the years, specifically the most recent webinars!
  12. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    I agree the appearance of "modern" can be deceiving and hide a less optimal UI. but I currently use Houdini with a (kind of) flat theme and I'm pretty sure I can find anything in the UI in less time than with the default heavily bevelled and convex-like shelf tools, and find it more more legible (I'm less distracted to elements other than text or icons) and of course pleasant to the eye. But that's a subjective opinion with no measurable data to support it. just my increased feeling of comfort.
  13. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    I know, this won't be a priority and doesn't need to be, but a flat modernized UI would be a welcome little surprise...
  14. CentOS for Linux newcomer?

    Well, I've tried CentOS again with a basic nvidia 1060 GTX card... and just works! Installed drivers via the nvidia CUDA repository using the method exposed in the comments section of this thread (like 1/3 from the start): https://access.redhat.com/discussions/3672301 Everything working fine after a reboot, first tests showing a +35% performance improvement in OpenCL over Windows 10, just awesome. Next days I will install Houdini, Renderman, development tools, etc. but first impression is being really positive even with this no-for-newbies distro.
  15. CentOS for Linux newcomer?

    Well, and update on my question: I tried installing CentOS, I liked at first look, not a single hardware issue. But then I tried installing the AMD Radeon Pro Drivers (installation successful it said) and then CentOs never booted again. Funny enough, booting with the "restore" kernel gave me a perfectly working amd driver, including OpenCL (I event tested it in Houdini and all well), but I don't consider this workaround a viable situation and obviously something is really broken and didn't have the free time to try saving my CentOS installation. So yesterday tried installing Ubuntu: same issue with the AMD Radeon Pro Drivers... once installed, Ubuntu never boot again. SO: I'm officially out of the Linux camp as long as I have a shitty AMD GPU