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  1. Bullet packed primitive - inherit color on collision

    You can link up pop collision into the presolve of the rbd solver, set collision target to DOPS and DOP objects to *rbd* (if you haven't renamed your packed objects). By messing around with the default particle size you can get it to detect collisions for RBDs. It gives you all the hit attributes, as exactly how to use that for the color changing..... I'm not sure!
  2. Destruction in houdini (Help pls!)

    Your file has multiple file cache nodes linked to a local paths in your computer, so I can't view anything.
  3. @Alain2131 thank you so much, I never knew that about groups! I had ended up using as foreach and set the piece attrib to my test attribute. But it's great to know what the issue was! I'm making an asset so I'll post it in the HDA forum in a day or two
  4. Hello Odforce, I'm trying to create groups based on the @P.y attribute of a bunch of vertical lines I have. I am almost there, but I'm not exactly a Vexpert and can't figure out exactly how to assign multiple groups with different names. I'm able to create a string attribute with the correct name for the groups with s@test = sprintf("%f", @P.y); s@groupname = concat("group_", @test); I tried using setpointgroup(0, @groupname, @ptnum, 1, "set") after this, but it didn't do anything, now I'm just stumped on how to approach assigning this attribute as a group. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  5. How to create RBD emitter in houdini

    Shouldn't be too difficult for you to put together. Nick Pfieffer has a guide to setting this up on his blog, http://nicholaspfeiffer.com/blog/2016/4/22/houdini-tip-of-the-day-emit-rbd-objects Also I swear I saw an example scene on vimeo w/a scene file but I cant seem to find it now, maybe if you dig you could find it.
  6. Issues w/Constraints for Earthquake (Solved)

    For anyone interested, or if you've had issue's with adding multiple constraints this thread on SideFX forums solved my problem! (I forgot to add a piece prefix to all my fractured geo) https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/38377/
  7. Hello Odforce! I'm trying to setup a simple earthquake scene. This is where I'm at currently. gif I've modeled and fractured a simple wall that I am trying to add into the scene. Currently there are animated boxes that are constrained to chucks of the ground, and wood. When I add the wall pieces into the constraint network everything breaks and the ground doesnt follow the animated geo. I don't really understand is happening, and I would appreciate any insights! I've attached the scene file if anyone wants to take a look. Thanks in advance! please_help.hipnc
  8. Fern Generator HDA

    Hello Odforce! I recently put this Fern Generator Asset together, and I wanted to share for any interested. Also if anyone is interested in giving me any critiques or pointers I'd really appreciate it! Thank you everyone! Hope someone can get some use out of it! Link to example video and download
  9. Hello odforce! So I wanted to share the 1st version of a HDA I created. I really love the power of digital assets and I'm trying to improve my skills at creating them. Although this isn't the most useful asset, I'm hoping that some people can get enjoyment out of it and thought it was a fun exercise. I'd appreciate any feedback or critiques to help improve it! The download link for the NC HDA is the description of the vimeo video. Happy donuting! Video & Link
  10. High energy from moving object

    I tried tweaking somethings to help improve the stability, stickies are included in the scene file. Main thing I tried to do was make sure none of the geo was intersecting as the sim started which i think helped a lot. Hope this helps fast_collider_fix.zip
  11. Join Voronoi Pattern

    If you open up the Example Files in the help menu, there's a great example file called "FractureExamples".
  12. Wood Destruction - Cone Twist

    Thanks guys I'm going to try these out!
  13. Wood Destruction - Cone Twist

    hip file if anyone wants to take a look! planksv9.hipnc
  14. Wood Destruction - Cone Twist

    Hello odforce! So I'm having my first go with the cone twist constraints to simulate wood breaking, I researched around and it seems they are the best way to achieve the "bend before break" effect seen in wood. So I've got a pretty decent setup so far, the planks are connected w/the cone twist constraint, the posts have a regular glue, and there's an overall glue to keep everything together. The only issue is this Y-axis bendiness the planks seem to have as if they're sushi mattes! (The one that falls closest to camera is the most obvious) I've tried adjusting Max Up, Out and Twist, but can't seem to find a balance between the planks not responding to the force of the ball, or bending all over. I'd appreciate any tips to help keep the planks stiff while still bending from the force, or just in general to help improve this sim! Thanks in advance for reading.