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  1. Using Bend in Houdini

    Okay. How would I go about applying a basic texture to each component? I just need solid colors, nothing fancy.
  2. Using Bend in Houdini

    I also need an exact copy of the curve/polywire i just created so I can move it to another part of my model. How do I copy and drag it where I want it?
  3. Using Bend in Houdini

    I see how to change the thickness, but how do I get it to stay? If I click off of the curve/polywire, it still looks like a line. I can only see the 3D aspect if I click on the PolyWire node.
  4. Using Bend in Houdini

    That worked!
  5. Using Bend in Houdini

    It's not showing up at all
  6. Using Bend in Houdini

    Where do I find PolyWire?
  7. Using Bend in Houdini

    I need help with using the Bend feature in Houdini 16.5. I need to be able to bend a tube or cylinder-like structure in a couple of places. I have never used Houdini or any other 3D modeling software before. I know absolutely nothing about 3D modeling or associated software. If anyone can describe how to do this, I would really appreciate it. I have spent many hours searching tutorials and videos, but none of them are specific enough or they are too advanced for my skill level. Since I have no knowledge of how to model, please explain things as if you were trying to teach it to a monkey. Resources with extremely in depth tutorials for beginners is also appreciated. Thanks in advance.