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  1. Folding geo constraint.

    Hey guys, I want to sim a piece of geo that folds in on itself before breaking. What constraint would people recommend? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I've put this in the 'general' forum, rather than modelling or Fx as I wasn't quite sure which category this goes to.... I have a 'tower' model and I want to fracture it. If I don't turn on 'Create Inside Surface', the fracture occurs as expected, but is 'wafer-thin'. If I check it on, I get the thickenss, but very unexpected results as shown in the screenshots. Any ideas how to solve this?
  3. Prep geo for destruction

    Hey guys, I've a question about models. I was reading this article about destruction simulation. The artist, Paweł Rutkowski, mentions something about model prep: Can anyone give advice to what to look for/do when prepping a model for destruction? I'm not talking about naming attributes etc. But normals, etc. Any gotchas I can avoid? Any tutorials out there that would better inform me? Thanks, guys! And a big thanks to all who've answered my previous, probably simple questions. I've learnt tonnes already!! I hope one day I'll be in the position to 'pay it forward' Addy
  4. copystamp facing direction

  5. Brick tunnel

    Thanks, Konstantin!
  6. copystamp facing direction

    Hey guys, A simple on for you masters! I have a box and I want to copy it to the points of a circle. I've attached the box and circle to a copy/stamp node. But how do i get it to have the longer part facing out around the circle? I thought of adding a transform. I thought could it be normals? Suggestions would be really welcome! Thanks Addy
  7. Brick tunnel

    Noobini, I've a question. How'd I wrap that around something like a Tube?
  8. Brick tunnel

    Noobini, thanks once again!! What I meant by FEM and bricks is more would a simulation be effected if I modelled using this compared to having, say, a polygon tube? ie, is it more accurate to build something like what you've attached, or it doesn't matter?
  9. Brick tunnel

    Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the awesomeness of Houdini. I'm into destruction as an area of the effects field more than I'm into fluids etc. I've a little school/hobby project I'd like to develop, but I'd like some pointers before I begin!! I want to build a brick tunnel which will collapse. (the modelling shouldn't be difficult ). But I'm wondering more about the destruction side. Should I make a basic poly tube, halve it etc. Or should I make something that's procedurally created with bricks? I'm thinking of doing some kind of FEM sim, rather that voronoi, so I wondered how it's modelled would effect how it's simmed? I'm looking to build something like this: I was thinking of applying a similar technique to this discussion: Or is that just wasting time and resources and it's better off to simply texture it? I'd love some ideas before I embark on it!! Thanks Addy
  10. Connect a line to points in separate circles

    HOLY SHIT, NOOBINI! I've posted two questions on this forum, and you've hit the bullseye both time!!! Thank you so much!!
  11. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Houdini's modelling tools, so forgive me!! Have two polygon circles, one above another translated in Y and rotated in Y by 22.5, so the points are offset... I want to connect a line between a points of the bottom circle to offset corresponding point in the above circle. BUT, the next line would go in the opposite direction like below: But how? What's the best way?
  12. applied rigids II

    I'm still playing around with this. Removing the '*' from either the Glue_Outside group seems to sim it better - or as expected..... I'm, just not sure if I should be doing that or not!!
  13. applied rigids II

    I can't figure this one out....If I sim the current file, works roughly as expected (except be building looks like it's collapsing before the explosion). But if I change a parameter (such as Glue_Outside to 1 or add a new node), it doesn't sim at all. Help me understand this! lesson07.hip
  14. applied rigids II

    OMG!!! HA! I've been over and over that glue_outside and missed that! I'm probably going to re-go-over (for the 15,000th) time the lesson 07 from start to finish. I'm sure I've missed something!! The issue now is the sim doesn't move at all (It's sim'ing but it appears as if nothing's going on!). I've also fixed the glue_inside's strength back to the default! It also helps to re-activate my force group!! Thanks so much Noobini! I really appreciate the help!
  15. applied rigids II

    Hey guys, I'm currently working my way through these tutorials. I've started with Applied Dynamics series and have now moved on to the rigids series. They're excellent and have taught me a lot! I'm currently on Rigids II - where we're taken through how to 'destroy' a block, ie a building. I'm on chapter 7b-c, and I've come a little unstuck and i'm not sure where. Essentially, a meta-ball should be activated on frame 3 via a switch. What's happening is that inside the SOPSolver which is inside the Dop network, the solver is supposed to break the constraints at frame 3 and then continue to break them. But what's actually being sim'ed is completely not what i'm expecting. The building just collapses. No real explosion, nothing compared to what's being seen in the tutorial video (and I've restarted a couple of times for various other things i've missed. I've uploaded my hip file. Would someone mind helping me understand where I'm going wrong? lesson07.hip