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  1. Hello Evan, Thank you for quick answer. This did indeed helped me and I am able to control things much more flexibly. I don't quiet get how this works yet but at least I can shoot up the values so high that I can achieve what I am looking for
  2. Hello there! This is my first post so I am a bit nervous I am trying to create a spritesheet of an explosion. It is supposed to have exactly 64 frames. The last frame should be almost completely dissipated (density/heat). The problem I have is controlling dissipation of the heat field (flames). Currently I am playing with using the 'Cooling Rate' to dissipate the flames. However depending on the seed of the noise generating the explosion it always varies a bit when exactly my heat completely dissipates. Sometimes is lasts for too long sometimes too short. I don't have this problem with density (smoke) because I just animate the Dissipation in Shape on Pyro Solver to some large number and it works every time. Unfortunately that's not the case with 'Cooling Rate'. No matter how I animate it it always is fixed to the first value that was provided when the simulation started. Is there any simple way to animate dissipation of the flames except using 'Cooling Rate'? Or maybe there is another approach I should take?