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  1. Great. Thanks a lot I will try this way.
  2. I need to specify the volume's name with a variable because I use a multiparm block to collect the volume name. I didn't find a way to specify the name by variable with vex so I try first to generate vex with python, something like this content = "@" + volume_name + " = " + volume_value + ";" return content But the problem with this solution is that the wrangle is in a for loop (for the multiparm block) and so on it crash sometime because of the update of the vex code. So I did it on python, but I'm stuck with vdb volume. I would have liked to do it in vex but for that I would need a function like point setpointattrib(0, name, @ptnum, value, "set"); It's for the tool of this video (time : 01:34)
  3. Hello, I need a way to set the value of a voxel of a hou.VDB with python. Do you know if there is an equivalent to the setVoxel() function used to the hou.Volume for the vdb ? Thanks in advance,