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  1. Alembic output to C4D flashes random squares in geometry?

    Any ideas what might be causing that in the mesh?
  2. Alembic output to C4D flashes random squares in geometry?

    Wow, there you go. I'm still a Houdini noob but remembered which node to click to see the mesh. Simulation was tweaked a bit but there it is. It weirdly sort of looks like my emitter in an odd way... Emitter is a rectangle with some noise stuff applied to the particle generation.
  3. Alembic output to C4D flashes random squares in geometry?

    As far as I know there are no static objects there to give a collision of any sort?
  4. Getting random flashes of rectangle geometry after rendering Alembic sequence to disk from Houdini 16.5, see below: Would it help to share all of my FLIP, fluid particle, static object node attributes or is this a familiar problem people have run into before?
  5. Altering frame rate for Alembic output? Slow motion?

    Lifesaver, mate, that was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!
  6. New Houdini Noob here again, question about changing framerate for Alembic output to C4D. Was successfully able to render to disk an .abc sequence, which according to the C4D Alembic dialog box imports at 24fps. There's an option to change this frame rate in the C4D import, but going frame by frame shows it just repeats frames in the typical pulldown pattern for 60fps, for example. Is there a way to change the framerate output of the fluid sim in Houdini? Either that or perhaps a Time scale property in the fluid sim node that lets the simulation run at half speed without changing its physics?
  7. Project very slow to open?

    Ah, brilliant! Sim is running like normal, just had to hit that Auto Update. Thanks for your patience!
  8. Project very slow to open?

    Was able to get it to open with Illusionist's cmd command line, but then it throws all this at me: The nodes do load and I can see them finally but the live view window is empty with "Update mode is Manual. View may be out of date". Even after saving that as a separate new .hip file, still get the same error messages. Perhaps I disconnected a node by accident or something somewhere in the fluid sim?
  9. Project very slow to open?

    Is this for MacOS command line? I'm on Win 7, doing this on cmd isn't "recognized" as a command. I'm cd under the C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 16.5.268 directory too in cmd.
  10. Project very slow to open?

    Using Houdini FX 16.5.268, created a project with a lot of particles and ran some previews in the timeline, export as alembic to C4D which worked great. However upon re-opening the same project, a "DOP Cook" has to go through all 135 frames and takes a long time to complete. I'm very recent (noob) to Houdini, and am wondering if there is a way to open without the DOP Cook thing running? I can hit Esc to cancel, but my nodes all appear with red triangles behind them and I'm not sure if this is good or bad (breaks simulation or something not advisable?). Any pointers would be very much appreciated, thanks for your time helping the lesser of us Houdini users .