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  1. Vellum Grains problem

    Hey everyone I have a little problem with vellum I could use some help with. I need have a part of the "subject" bloat up and increase in volume to the point where it pops and liquids come out. Trouble is, I cant really get this to behave properly. Most of the time it will stretch the geo too far and not actually tear, even when the break tolerance is like .01. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong with grains or what but they seem finnicky. Also, is there a way to have an active area for the sim to run, like how in an rbd sim you can isolate out an area? I'm using a really hacky way of separating the active and non-active area with which I'm not too happy with.I'm still relatively new to houdini so I feel like I'm missing something obvious. For reference of the effect I'm going for, look up Thunder from Big trouble in little china. Bloat_building_v020.hiplc