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  1. Houdini Universal Unique ID (UUID)?

    What i ended up doing since session ids can be shared between different nodes of different categories according to documentation is a combination of the "session id" + "nodetype" + "nodetypeCategory". I think this guarantees a unique id. In order to use the hou.getNodeBySessionId() i check the node with nodetype and nodetypecategory and thats all.
  2. Debugging in Houdini from PyDev Eclipse

    In maya you can remotely debug code with eclipse starting a debug server by opening a port in maya and have it listening. By pyDev "remote python debugger" you mean attaching the houdini process to the debugger?
  3. Hi,just a quick question, is it possible to debug code in PyDev Eclipse when code is running in Houdini? Im used to doing that in Maya opening a command port and it s really helpful. I would like to debug from Eclipse, how do you do it guys?
  4. Hi, this is my first post in the forum, ive been a maya user for quite a long time and now im tinkering with Houdini. In Maya im able to embed custom attribute values in a node and retrieve its UUID, which is a unique identifier per node. Im trying to figure out if its possible in Houdini to identify uniquely assets much the same way as in Maya. Does the concept UUID relate to Houdini? if not, is there anything similar allowing to uniquely identify objects in the scene? Thanks, looking forward to contribute to this forum a lot in the future.