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  1. basic questions- question 1

    ok great thank you.
  2. basic questions- question 1

    i think it s gonna be helpful if there is an easy way to find the primitives numbers, how do I get that? because whenever I enter numbers it transforms another part, so I must be typing the wrong numbers.
  3. Hi this a part of a series for people like me that are true beginners in houdini. Hopefully answering this question will not help me only but the hundreds of people trying to . figure out this software the most clear way possible. Thanks everyone. How can I transform the scale of the selection only?
  4. Houdini for Mathematicians

    i dont know about you but french school sure does. And i m still looking where i=are the mathematics, you could always say there some sort of mathematics in any software , but houdini doesn ask you to calculate anything, just like any pther software, it does what the programmed language is supposed to do if you speak oits language. that doesnt mean it doesnt have flaws, errors, glitches everything that mathematics dont have.
  5. Houdini for Mathematicians

    i dont which maths you guys are talking about unless we re talking the third and fourth grade geometry of middle school but i know it seems kind of cool to add the term.