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  1. How to delete unwanted polylines without deleting corners

    the picture above is the manhattanBlack picture.
  2. How to delete unwanted polylines without deleting corners

    Yes i want to delete all of the same type procedurally so it works even if the picture changes to a different roadmap.
  3. Hi all i am currently making my graduation project in Houdini which is a tool that should be able to create a city procedurally. I am still quite new in this area so i am not sure how to solve this problem. I have created points by using a scatter with color as density so the point positions resembles the roads i want to make, next i have made polylines depending on the distance of the points and i have been able to clean most of it with a fuse. My problem is that i want to delete the last polylines that doesn't belong to the road curve but i do not want to delete corners. Thank you in adwance. roadCurveFromPoints.hipnc
  4. Cleaning up the geo

    try using a fuse SOP