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  1. Hi all i am currently making my graduation project in Houdini which is a tool that should be able to create a city procedurally. I am still quite new in this area so i am not sure how to solve this problem. I have created points by using a scatter with color as density so the point positions resembles the roads i want to make, next i have made polylines depending on the distance of the points and i have been able to clean most of it with a fuse. My problem is that i want to delete the last polylines that doesn't belong to the road curve but i do not want to delete corners. Thank you in adwance. roadCurveFromPoints.hipnc
  2. How to delete unwanted polylines without deleting corners

    the picture above is the manhattanBlack picture.
  3. How to delete unwanted polylines without deleting corners

    Yes i want to delete all of the same type procedurally so it works even if the picture changes to a different roadmap.
  4. Cleaning up the geo

    try using a fuse SOP