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  1. Flip Fluid Surface Problem

    Hi people, I'm really new to houdini so it may be just amateur problem or lack of knowledge. Whenever I start my flip fluid simulation, some of particles on surface goes up. It only disappears when I swith off external forces so as long as I got only gravity implemented - it must be the reason of my problem. Any ideas how to get rid off that effect ?
  2. Primitive Normals?

    Hi guys, I see that you already discussed that topic but unfortunately I am still struggling to overcome my problem. There is only one primitive which is faceing wrong direction. Its primitive with number 1800 which was created with sweep node (I attached file). I'm very new to houdini so I was wondering if it is possible to overcome without using VEX and creating new attribute ( maybe I made some mistakes before while creating curve). Is there any way to change its orientation to (0,-1,0) ? procedural_tube_uv.hip