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  1. HtoA Arnold Mesh Light doesn't work

    Mesh light worked. Enabled display flags for objects with mesh lights. However, the display flag was disabled and functioned in the hip data obtained from the forum. Why.
  2. hey guys. I'm a little in trouble. Arnold mesh light doesn't work well though I've tried it in the documentation and the topics here. Attach hip data. What is the problem? meshlight_test.hip
  3. If you set the RBD Packed Object setting to Create Active Objects, Wrangle of the SOP Solver describing the scale will work and the geometry will become smaller. This does not work if you make Create Deforming Active Objects. What should I do?
  4. hello,guys. I am studying Houdini now.  I can not solve the problem of sop solver in the DOP network. I would like to scale the deformed RBD packed Object with time with Sop solver. We connected RBD packed object and Sop solver to multi solver. Scaling in SOP Solver will be reflected, but for RBD packed Object Deformation becomes invalid. Also, if you also use bullet solver, the deforming of RBD packed Object will be valid, but scaling in SOP Solver will be the first one frame only. Is there a way to solve this problem? Finally, I'm sorry for weird sentences because I am using google translation. Thank you for seeing this topic.