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  1. Animated Vellum constraint

    Hi everyone ! So I am working on a scene where i need to sealed vacuum a building and make the cloth breath :/ So The vacuum part work well but everytime i try to animate the constraint inside my vellum solver it's get crazy.. Does someone now how to animate constraint or if it's possible ? I'm linking the scene file untitled.hiplc sorry about the poor english not my first language... untitled.hiplc
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks so much for your help it worked super well with the help files ! Thanks you so much ! This forum is amazing ! If i met you both one day i will offer you a beer !
  3. Hi Guys I have a basic question, I need to do a pyro sim based onto an alembic sim. I Used the trail object for calculated the V attribute. The sim work's fine but it's start to emit on the first frame everywhere what I would like to do is to trigger the emission based on the Velocity of each pieces. i think i can use an expression for say basically if V is superior to 0 start to emit but i don't really know which expression can be helpfull... I hope I was clear in my explanation, english is not my first language.
  4. Kaleidoscope effect by vex?

    Thanks guys ! I am gonna dig the two lead you gave me and comeback with some test, houdini is an amazing software, but for a c4d artist like me, it's hard to understand all the possibilities that it offer, and the logic behind it
  5. Hi Everyone, I am a beginner in houdini and mainly focus smoke simulation, I was wondering you can give some lead or where to search for be able to do an effect like this one, for me to effect this effect you build your geo and you make the kaleidoscope effect by vex ? of there is an other way, know hodini there is always an other way I don't want like a tuto more some technical name or node who can lead to that direction, Thanks you !