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  1. Caramel Goo Tear Apart

    check this post, could be a starting point!
  2. render unconnected frames at once?

    I think the best solution is to go to your render folder, delete all the bad frames, and in your mantra ROP keep your full frame range and set the Skip Rendered Frames to Skip files that exist. This will skip all the frames that are rendered and will only render the missing ones.
  3. Object Mask passes

    The object ID's are not showing in my pass, I created an attribute, added the parameter in the Principled shader and set the image plane for export. Do you have any idea what am I missing? obj_ID(notWorking).hipnc
  4. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    Oh no I didn't, I wasn't aware that I need them, I just want the object IDs. You do not have them in your scene output.
  5. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    What do you mean?
  6. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    Hello, I am trying to replicate your scene file, I created the obj_ID attributes for my objects but I can't see them in rendering for some reason! Did you do anything else?