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  1. Hi guys, I am currently building a environment for which I want to instance a lot of mega scan rocks. I am using the instance object so that I can instance thousands of the rocks with a huge hit. The problem is now that I turn on the displacement on the rocks everything comes to a halt. It looks like mantra is placing all the objects and then dicing and displacing the geometry. Is there a way of dicing and displacing the geo first? Should I just bake the displacement into the geo?
  2. Blood in water

    Here is a quick setup that should help. It naturally needs tweaking, and the animation of the source needs to be a lot more natural. the main part to make it feel like blood rather then smoke is to make it really really slow. seeing that you have two liquids inside of each there there needs to be a lot more diffusion and slow over all movement. Hope the scene file can help. Blood_in_water2.hipnc
  3. continuous water flow in flip tank

    Hi, I am currently looking into building a rig for putting a object into a flowing river. now the problem is three fold. 1) the main problem is that the river is pretty damn flat, 1 degree decline max. 2) its a big area 60 meters long, 50 wide 3) the river is moving very slow now naturally i could simply animate the collision geo against the flow at the speed i want the river to flow and then counter animating the cache post sim. that way i would get the interaction with the object the way it should be. now the problem is that i only get the interaction that way, and would never get the feeling of a flow in areas where there is no collision objects. I tried a few things, sourcing new particles on one side while a continues force at the bottom of the river pushes the water. I tried grabbing the particles that will leave the put them to the start of the container, making a infinite loop kind of tank. The problem with all of those is that I loose water. basically the longer the sim runs the lower the water level will be. In the end of the day I will want to be able to take a flat tank at any size and just have the water run through it at any speed with out loosing water. If anyone has any suggest I would highly appreciate hearing about them Cheers, Juri