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  1. [SOLVED] access iteration in other node with VEX

    Thanks!! This worked: int iteration = detail("op:/obj/geo1/Layered_generations/repeat_begin_attributes/", "iteration"); Seems like it need to be in full for some reason, the relative still didn't work
  2. Hi all, I have a for loop with feedback inside a for loop with feedback, I'll include a picture of my subnetwork so you can get an idea. The problem is that I need to use the current number of iteration from the outside for loop (the loop which starts with repeat_begin1 and ends with end1) in my attribute wrange. I created the "repeat_begin_attributes", which should fetch metadata and has iterations as an attribute. My idea was that I should be able to read that with the detail() function but can't get it to work. I tried this in the attribute wrange: int iteration = detail("../repeat_begin_attributes/", "iteration", 0); This only returns 0 atm so I'm not sure if it's a problem of syntax or just a bad idea. So do anyone knows why this isn't working or have any other idea how I can access the current iteration?
  3. [SOLVED] access iteration in other node with VEX

    Thanks, tried this and doesn't seem to work, still only returns 0. Any other ideas?
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to save a geometry as .stl from Houdini to be 3D printed. It works but the problem is that the .stl model gets really tiny, it seems like it interoperates every Houdini-unit as a millimetre in "real world". Is there any way to change this? Now I have to rescale the file in another program before print but I'd rather not go through this step. I've tried to save the .stl both by right-clicking an output node and with the ROP Output Driver but I get the same size. I've also changed the preferences in Hip File Options to cm but that doesn't seem to affect the .stl at all. Anyone who has done any 3D printing from Houdini and knows anything about this?
  5. [SOLVED] VEX in Volume Wrangle

    Aaaah you're right, thanks!!
  6. [SOLVED] VEX in Volume Wrangle

    Hi all, I'm trying to write some vex in a volume wrangle but I'm really struggling atm, not sure if the problem is the syntax or my inexperience with voxels. I have a volume which I set up with random densities and then, in the next step, the density of a voxel should be affected by the surrounding voxels. I've done the first step but can't figure out how to access the "closest neighbour voxels". I guess they have some sort of index but can't figure out which voxel has which index or if I should access them by their position. Tried to use the function volumeindex() to find index and volumesample() to take a sample from a position but both only returns 0 so I'm obviously doing something wrong. I wrote it like this: vector pos = {2, 2, 2}; float temp = volumeindex(0, "@A", pos); printf("%f\n", temp); @A += temp; It doesn't seem to matter what position I use for the vector pos, the functions always return 0 either way. So if someone knows anything about this it would be great volumeRandom.hipnc
  7. [SOLVED] VEX in Volume Wrangle

    Thanks! But when I use volumeindex() I only get 0.00000 in return so I guess it's something wrong with how I set the "voxel vector". This might be a very basic question but what is the voxel vector? I tried this: float temp = volumeindex(0, "@A", set(i@ix, i@iy, i@iz)); printf("%f\n", temp); @A += temp;