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  1. Objilla - Advanced obj and mtl importer for Houdini™

    Hi, A new version of Objilla is available, added Houdini 18 compatibility. The new version is freely available to all existing customers. Kind regards, Ippokratis
  2. Objilla - Advanced obj and mtl importer for Houdini™

    Hi AtomicNixon, Thanks for contacting me. I am happy that you find Objilla useful. When you visit the gumroad page there are two more videos that showcase how to install and how to use the product. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rmiw3vJhWs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tfOsYjPia0 I hope that my pronunciation-grammar in the videos makes sense, I am not too fluent in English, let me know if you encounter any problems or if you have any questions. Perhaps you would like to suggest some of the features that you would find useful in the next update here in the forum? Or, if you prefer to address me privately, you can use my email ippobour@gmail.com. Kind regards, Ippokratis.
  3. Howto add a video link to a post

    Thanks for answering Librarian. I have figured out the answer - I wanted to add a youtube link and I found that all I had to do is to paste the link Kind regards, Ippokratis
  4. Hi, I guess that it is very simple, but I cannot figure out how to add video to my forum posts. Could someone describe the steps or refer me to the corresponding documentation, please? Kind regards, Ippokratis
  5. Hi, I created a little obj and mtl importer for Houdini, Objilla. It creates materials, assigns colors, textures, transparency and does some other cool stuff. Check it out on Gumroad, thanks ! https://gumroad.com/l/YLJkR
  6. Houdini UI Python Library

    Hi Alex, many thanks for sharing your code. Kind regards
  7. License for a new houdini asset

    Thanks for replying, The linked post is helpful regarding how to properly include licensing info for the project. Any ideas about which license I might choose?
  8. License for a new houdini asset

    Hi, I am creating a script for Houdini in Python that I wish to sell on Gumroad. Can someone suggest a license which permits users to modify the script at will for their own/hired projects but forbids them from selling the code and code derivatives? Kind regards, Ippokratis
  9. Old thread, but I recently faced the same problem. To solve it if it is like my case: Check in the Geometry Spreadsheet if the vertices have Cd and Alpha. If so, use attribute delete node to delete the Alpha from vertex attributes. attribute expression node to set the vertex Cd attribute as white.
  10. Simple batch script iconvert

    Hi, Many thanks for sharing your code. None of the above versions works on Win 10, Houdini 17.5.258. I have coded the snippet below that (hopefully) solves several version & OS related problems. I checked it on Windows only and works. Hope you can find it useful, give me some feedback if you encounter problems. import hou, os iconvert = hou.getenv("HFS") + "/bin/" +"iconvert.exe" iconvert = os.path.abspath(iconvert) folder = hou.ui.selectFile(title='Images Folder', file_type=hou.fileType.Directory) folder = hou.expandString(folder) files = os.listdir(folder) dot = "." extension = "rat" exts = ('.exr', '.jpg', '.tga', '.png','.tif', '.hdr') def rat_folder(): for file in files: realName = os.path.abspath( folder + file) file_ext = realName[-4:] if file_ext in exts: export = iconvert + " " + realName + " " + realName[:-4] + dot + extension exists = os.path.exists(realName[:-4] + dot + extension) if exists is True: status = "File exists. Skipping..." else: os.system(export) status = "Success!" print "----------------------------------------------" print "RAT FOLDER STATUS: " + status print "original = " + realName print "new =" + realName[:-4] + dot + extension print "----------------------------------------------" if folder != '': safety = hou.ui.displayMessage("Are you sure you want to convert all images in " + folder + " ?", buttons=('Yes', 'No')) if safety == 0 and folder != '': rat_folder() Kind regards, Ippokratis