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  1. Per-object camera motion blur

    Hello, I still cannot find any feature for this in Houdini 17.5 You cannot adjust shutter speed for each mantra ROP ? I have several stuff to render over night and i cannot modify camera motion blur for all my layers. They all need the default value of 0.5 shutter speed while one has a curved completelly fake motion blur that requires a shutter speed of 10. I would like to apply that 10 shutter speed only on a single mantra rop and not in camera, with like a multiplier or something. Thank you
  2. Boolean issue, non manifold edge...maybe

    Hi, I'm currently having the same issue : Running a boolean on clean geometry generate non-manifolds, so when I run a second boolean later, it generates errors. If someone knows how to get rid of non-manifolds or just prevent boolean to generate non-manifolds ? =) Thomas
  3. Houdini to 3dsmax - Particles

    I have exact same problem as Craig but with Houdini 16. Hope you can help us :'(