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  1. Simple noise expression on float value

    Thanks a lot! (I missed your post earlier- I should have refreshed lol). This is great, just what I was looking for, thanks so much. Cheers,
  2. Simple noise expression on float value

    Ooh turns out it actually just shows it in the animation editor in the same way when you scope it. Thanks a lot,
  3. Simple noise expression on float value

    Thanks Atom, I will take a look! Cheers,
  4. Simple noise expression on float value

    Thanks a lot Kiryha! I don't suppose there is a straightforward way to visualise the noise, similar to the maya screen grab? Many thanks,
  5. Hi, sorry for the basic question but I am just switching from maya to houdini and am still asking the very basic questions. I wondered if someone would mind explaining to me the most simple way to add noise to a float value with an expression (which also returns a float), preferably in a way where you can see a representation of the noise? For example like how in maya you can add a noise expression to a float parameter, for example: noise(time); And then you could view the result in the graph editor like so: Is there a houdini equivalent which is quick and simple enough for me to understand? Thanks a lot!